7-12-2015 WiR

.6 seconds – that’s all the time that separated the winning BMC from the runner up Team Sky in today’s team time trial. Now that’s what we call racing!

This week we kept up our Tour coverage with First Looks at the 2016 Scott Foil, Giro Synthe MIPS, and Louis Garneau’s new Sprint Helmet. Next week we are going to be continuing our look at the equipment of the Tour with even more First Looks at what the pros are riding. And for those who come here just for the tri specific gear – stay tuned. We plan on drowning our post-tour sorrows in all the tri gear you can handle.


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This Week’s Posts

Monday – 2016 Scott Foil – First Look
Wednesday – Giro Synthe MIPS – First Look
Thursday – Louis Garneau Sprint Helmet – First Look

Incepi ‘Hookup’ Bicycle Storage System

We get quite a few emails regarding Kickstarter projects – some more exciting or interesting than others. The Incepi ‘Hookup’ Bicycle storage system caught our eye mostly because it seems like a simple and elegant solution that goes beyond the standard rubber-coated hooks we find in our home garages.


The Incepi attaches to your ceiling via a single threaded screw and can hold any standard bicycle. It has been tested to hold over 160 pounds (the creator doing pull-ups), and has not failed.


For those interested, head over to their Kickstarter page and check it out. The first 10 backers can get in at just $60.

The Mail Room

Only one box in the mail room this week, but it’s one we have been waiting for. Our Bontrager Ballista arrived late Friday afternoon just as we were finishing up the day. While we haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet, we already wore it for two rides this weekend.  Check out the Current Reviews for our initial thoughts, and stay tuned for a review before the end of the Tour.


Current Reviews

Sugoi RS Ice Trisuit

We completed two more bricks this weekend in the Sugoi and again came away all smiles. The RS Ice Trisuit will be one of the first products we review post Tour, but we can tell you now that we are already big fans!

Bontrager Ballista

We rode with the Ballista twice this weekend and came away impressed. First up is a really good retention system that fit Mike’s head better than any other we have previously tried (and trust us when we say he has tried quite a few). The Ballista is closer to the Air Attack than the Synthe when it comes to cooling, but we expected that when we tried it on. Keep an eye on next week’s WiR as we keep riding with it, and we plan to share our final review the week after.

Cycliq Fly6

We actually got to test the Fly6 in a “crash” situation this week. We had a flat during the ride and took the Fly6 off to get to our draft box. When we tossed the Fly6 in the grass, it ‘detected’ the crash and saved the file. Exactly what we would want it to do in a real situation.

Zipp 808 FC

Speaking of getting a flat, never let anyone tell you that being able to quickly change a tire isn’t a benefit of a wheel set. The 808s are by far the easiest wheels to change a flat with that we’ve experienced.

TriRig Omega X

When we first looked at the Omega X we declared it to be everything we loved about the Omega, but better. And after just a few weeks with it, we can tell you that that statement still holds true. It brakes strong and is super easy to adjust. Everything you want in a brake upgrade!

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