Louis Garneau Sprint Helmet – First Look

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the Tour, you may have noticed a new Louis Garneau aero helmet perched atop team Europcar riders. And while LG isn’t sharing all of the details just yet, they did provide a few for us to share.


LG is calling this their Sprint Helmet. This new aero helmet is set to eclipse the already speedy Course as their fastest road helmet (the P-09 still reigns supreme as their fastest helmet, period). Although that extra aero benefit will cost you in weight. LG claims the Sprint Helmet weighs in at 275g the versus 250g for the Course.


LG claims that initial testing shows that the new Sprint Helmet provides a 4% increase in ventilation over their nearest competitors.


The really exciting news is the price at just $124.99. This looks to be setting a new bar for aero road helmets. Now for the one bit of bad news – the Sprint Helmet wont be available until next year. Until then, stay tuned! As soon as we hear more details, so will you.

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