Oakley Jawbreaker – First Look

For the past year we have seen a new pair of Oakley sunglasses making appearances throughout the pro peloton – most noticeably on Mark Cavendish. Featuring a single-lens design with an oversized gimbal release for swapping out lenses, calling them unique may have been a bit of an understatement. And now they finally have a name – Jawbreaker.

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The Jawbreaker took more than two years to develop and went through at least 100 design iterations and 9,600 hours of testing, resulting in over 27 separate components all to create a single pair of sunglasses. Oakley went all the way back to the drawing board with this new pair of glasses, starting with an eye tracking study with cyclists. The study showed that riders spent the majority of their time looking through the tops of their lenses, which really meant they were trying to “look through” their frames. To be honest, I don’t think anyone is all that surprised with that information. But with these specific details in hand, Oakley set out to create a frame that provided an unprecedented field of view.

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The Jawbreaker name is inspired by the gimbal mechanism that pivots to separate the bottom frame (lower “jaw”) from the upper frame, allowing the wearer to easily swap out lenses. Around the single lens you will find six integrated surge ports to enhance air flow and reduce fogging. And the temples adjust to three different lengths based on both your specific needs, as well as how your helmet fits.


The Jawbreaker lenses are available with Oakley’s newest Prizm technology. These lenses fine-tune vision for cyclists by emphasizing colors where the eye is most sensitive, allowing riders to spot subtle changes in the texture of the road’s surface.

We love the Oakley brand and cannot wait to get our hands on a pair. Stay tuned for our in-depth review as we get a chance to put these new frames through our tests.


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