April Fools 2015 – Our Top Five

April fools day is fast becoming one of our favorite holidays around here, if only to see the cycling and triathlon industry’s crazy sense of humor. This year we have to take our hats off to Silca. Their Personal Support Drone was our favorite April fools concept, hands-down. And Trek wasn’t far off with their Monument for Men cologne. Strava also had a real winner on its hands with the new Snooze Score. Read more about a few of our favorites below and let us know what you think should have made our top-five list.

1. The Silca Personal Support Drone

The SILCA PSD is a quad-rotor support drone developed by the engineers at SILCA as an automated follow vehicle for individual or group rides.  Designed with under-wing quick-disconnects, the SILCA PSD can carry up to 2 seat bags, an array of CO2 cartridges and even a frame pump if you can find one. Controlled by automated, cell-phone based software, the PSD follows riders at a distance of 10 meters and using onboard Automated Collision Avoidance (ACA) can even be used off-road.


“The idea came to us after somebody showed up on the group ride with an EPS/Dogma and what had to be a 3 Liter seat pack, it looked like he was going camping’ said SILCA sales director David Hallander. ‘Everybody has that story about the time they had 6 flats and ran out of CO2, yet modern frames and the ‘Pro’ aesthetic keep us packing as minimally as possible. Short of an autonomous follow car that you could also climb into when you were shelled, the drone seemed like the most logical solution, not to mention those Google people have patents..lots of them!  Anyway, you can have a flat and be back on the road in about 5 minutes using the practical frame pump, plus everybody can throw their tools into it at the beginning of the ride so you can support an entire group,’ Said Hallander.


We especially love how the PSD looks like it is going to dive bomb you at any moment with CO2 cartridges. Oh, and lest we forget the warnings Silca provided:

  • ACA allows for use on single-track. (WARNING, Multiple drones may engage each other in combat when ACA setting used in tight quarters.)
  • SILCA PSD may use various decommissioned Defense Department Components and Sensors. SILCA not responsible or liable for injuries or death resulting from use of SILCA PSD. Do NOT Taunt SILCA PSD.


2. Monument. By Spartucus

Trek and Fabian Cancellara unveiled Monument. By Spartacus. A bold new fragrance that honors the timelessness of great champions. Featuring the tagline of “Crashes are accidental. A man’s essence is intentional.” Monument threatens to upset the worldwide fragrance market.


Years in development, Monument is the latest in a long-standing partnership between a brand and athlete that has transcended sport to claim center stage in the grand show of olfactory prestige. Monument embodies passion, courage, and the roar of the Lion of Flanders with deep, full-bodied base notes of Spartacus’ native Alpine Androsace, nutmeg, freshly turned earth, and oak moss. The top notes of Arenberg cobblestone and podium flowers enrich not just the aroma but the spirit of anyone who wears it.

Available in 3.4oz bottles engineered to the exact geometry of the original Spartacus helmet to fit in your seat pack or jersey pocket, Monument is available worldwide exclusively at Trek retailers.

3. Strava Snooze

Ask any coach and they will tell you that to improve, rest is even more important than training. That’s why Strava is introducing something new, targeting that critical part of the performance equation – Strava Snooze.


While Strava is about being active, Snooze is all about inactivity. Snooze motivates athletes to prioritize sleeping, especially napping immediately after epic athletic adventures. It extends far beyond simply tracking shut-eye. Snooze turns an athlete’s most passive activity into an activity.


  • COMPARE WITH FRIENDS. Who’s the KOM of the post-ride nap? Just because you’re laying there with your eyes closed doesn’t mean you’re not climbing the leaderboard.
  • GIVE KUDOZE. Check your Snooze social feed first thing in the morning. If a friend’s 40 winks impresses you, give some kudoze to let them know you approve.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Complete a Sleep Fondo (10 hours of uninterrupted sleep) and earn a pair of custom Strava PJs.
  • ACTIVITY ALARM with AUTO-BAIL. The Snooze alarm clock will try to wake you when it’s time to get up for your morning ride… or automatically notify your friends when you decide to sleep in instead of join them.
  • SNORE SCORE. We monitor heart rate, temperature, ambient noise and movement to determine how you sleep in adverse conditions. How epic is your sleep?

Honestly we can’t help but think this is the ultimate app for triathletes. Who hasn’t wanted kudos for a good night’s rest, or an easy way to let your training partner know they are on their own for the day. This may have been #1 on our list if we didn’t think smelling good or dive bombing our friends with an autonomous drone was more important than a good night’s sleep.


4. Putin nationalizes Tinkoff-Saxo, eyes Katusha

Velonews was the first to break this story and honestly we don’t want to spoil it for you. The key thing here is that Vladimir really does look like he belongs in the peloton alongside Contador.

5. Specialized S4 S-Works Selfie Stick

Today Specialized introduced the latest innovation in integrated auto-photographic technology for the bike – the Specialized S-Works Selfie Stem, or, the S4.


Featuring their highest modulus FACT 13M carbon weave, the S4 incorporates seamlessly with your Specialized cockpit providing you with an easy to operate, performance-focused selfie solution. With its Z.I.S Zertz Image Stabilization technology, you won’t have to worry about image blur or focusing issues no matter the terrain or riding speed. Utilizing computer-aided, computational fluid dynamic design, the S4 boasts a zero-drag coefficient as well as a Bluetooth synced, Body Geometry Fit optimized “sprinter-selfie” button for easy operation while in the drops. At a scant 149 grams, the S4 is the perfect way to take your selfie game to the next level while still maintaining a performance edge.


Disturbingly, this may be the most realistic of this year’s April Fools jokes. Yes, for a brief moment we actually thought this may be real. Then we noticed how the selfie stick attached to the stem. And once we got past the fact that this wouldn’t work with most proprietary super bike cockpits, we realized that Specialized was trying to pull a fast one on us.


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