2-22-2015 WiR

It was quiet this past week at Aerogeeks HQ. The team was busy testing equipment and getting reviews ready to publish. We shared our thoughts on the newly announced Cycliq Fly12 and finished our time with the Scott Tri Carbon shoe. Next week we already have the Ogio M9 transition bag and Wahoo KICKR in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled!

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This Week’s Posts

Monday – Cycliq Fly12 – First Look

Tuesday – Scott Tri Carbon Shoe – Review

The Mail Room

It was pretty quiet in the mail room this week, though we did receive a packet of Clean Energy Patches to test. These 2.25″ x 3.5″ patches are intended to provide a base-level boost in energy and mental focus without a sharp spike or letdown. We are looking forward to seeing how they work.

Current Reviews

  1. Cannondale Slice Di2 – We had another good week with the Slice. We were really not sure what to expect with the Slice, which is making our time with it all the more fun. A bike built for more than just speed, it hasn’t let us be dropped yet.
  2. KUAT NV – There is something very important about being able to trust in your bike rack. Whether your bike costs 100 dollars or 10,000 dollars, you need to be sure it’s going to make it safely. So far our trust seems well placed. The rack is sturdy and it holds the bikes securely. Our biggest realization so far is that you definitely need the strap extender to accommodate deeper wheels (something we didn’t need with its little brother, the Sherpa).
  3. TriRig Alpha – Getting aerobars right is a challenge. They need to be easy to adjust, clean to the wind, and comfortable for long days in the saddle. TriRig got it right with the Alpha, and we really didn’t enjoy sending them back. Stay tuned for our review!
  4. Fix It Sticks – We have all struggled with small multitools that don’t give us the leverage we need when dealing with an issue out on the road. Fix It Sticks easily solve that problem in a ‘package’ that fits easily in a jersey pocket or saddle bag.
  5. Rudy Project Wing 57 – We trained with it, we raced with it, and all that is left is our review. Stay tuned!


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