Cycliq Fly12 – First Look

Cycliq already has your rear covered with their Fly6, a product that we feel is becoming a must-have for any ride. Now Cycliq is looking to make sure they have your front covered as well with their new Fly12 – a combination front-facing camera and light.


The camera shoots in full 1080p and can last up to 10 hours while operating in camera mode only. With the light in flash mode, the Fly12 will last about 6 hours.  Although when the light is in its maximum 400 lumen constant mode, the Fly12 will last just about 2 hours.


Like the Fly6, the 12 shoots in a constant loop, so you should be able to simply charge it and forget it. There’s no need to clear out the (included) memory card after every ride. One of the new tricks of the Fly12 is that it will support both Garmin and GoPro mounts. So there is a good chance you won’t need any new mounting equipment to use it.


New for the Fly12 is a smartphone app that allows you to share videos and connect to Strava. The videos also allow you to overlay a 3ft tramline to see just how close the cars really are (caution: this may not be for the faint of heart).


We don’t often get overly excited about products that haven’t even hit the market yet, but the Fly12 is different. By combining the light and camera into a single easy-to-use package, the Fly12 looks to make riding a whole lot safer. And that’s something we’ll always get excited about. Look for us to start reviewing a Fly12 in the coming months and make sure to check out their Kickstarter page!

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