Six Pack Fitness Expedition Backpack 300 – Review

If you are reading this, we expect you know the truth – it’s not easy being a triathlete. For those of us that are not pros (and that’s most of us), we end up just barely finding enough hours in the day to work, train, eat, and spend time with the family. And eating right can be especially hard. How do you keep any semblance of a healthy diet when you barely have enough time to eat at all? And let’s say you do make an effort to pack a healthy breakfast or lunch, do you really want to worry about dragging that along with you to the pool at 4AM before you head straight to the office? Six Pack Fitness gets that, and built the Expedition Backpack 300 just for us.


The highlight of the 300 is a meal management area that contains three snap-lid containers and three ice packs to keep each of them cool. It also has room for a laptop/tablet measuring up to 15” plus added room for water bottles, sunglasses, and all of the other essentials you need for your day at the office.


For one week, we packed up our lunch and snacks into the 300 and headed out to the gym\pool and then to the office. The 300 is a bit bulky – feeling more like a packed transition bag than your standard laptop bag. But every day at 10:30am, noon and 3pm we were able to reach into it and get our nutrition throughout the day. And the three ice packs kept everything cool as well (and usually were still chilled by the time we got home at night).


For us, the real highlight was that we found it easier to remember to pack our nutrition every day. Too often we would forget to bring our separate lunchbox when we headed out in the morning, which left us searching for something decently healthy (or maybe not) on our lunch hour. But with the 300, we noticed immediately when the bag felt light and ran back to the refrigerator to grab that day’s food.


For those of us who consistently forget our nutrition, or even if you’re just tired of carrying multiple bags, take a look at the Expedition 300. It may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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