6-8-2014 WiR

Summer is back in full swing down here in South Florida. The temperature has risen just in time for us to be putting in base mileage for our A races in the fall. The good news is that it makes for some great training – the bad news is that it makes for some truly horrendous training.  But that is the joy of being a triathlete!

We spent most of last week working our way through our equipment backlog – including getting the Zip Vuka Stealth installed on our AeroGeeks Shiv. We were excited not just to get the bar installed, but to do so based purely on the fit measurements from the Vuka Fit app. Stay tuned this week to see how that worked out for us.


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Recon Jet Update

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since we first heard about the Recon Jet (our first look here – http://aerogeeks.com/2013/06/30/recon-jet-first-look/). Since then we had the chance to play with a demo unit last September- here. But like all of you, we have been waiting for the final production units. In May, Recon committed to four bench mark updates ahead of a planned 9/25 ship date. This past week marked the first of those updates. The biggest news is that all Jet preorders will now come with a spare clear lens and the price will be $699 versus the $599 of pre-orders. This is a product we cannot wait to spend some serious time with, and 9/25 is already circled on our calendar.

DSC_0021 (2)

Sport RX – Giving Back

We love companies that give back to the community—both their local community and the greater triathlon community. If you caught our First Ride with Sport Rx last month – one of the reasons we were so fond of their product was knowing that the company had an “athletes first” mentality.

San Diego recently had a Bike to Work day, and Sport RX had a fully stocked pit stop right outside their office ready to help the weekday warriors. Not only did they have the standard energy drinks and gels, but the average (cycling) morning commuter also got their coffee and donut fixes as well.

Current Reviews

  1. Scott Split Helmet – A half century with a temperature over 80 degrees was the perfect way to test the Split and see how it could handle the heat. This is a helmet that rewards those who maintain their aero head position. For the whole story, stay tuned for our full thoughts.
  2. Zipp Vuka Stealth – This week marked our first time on the Stealth. Those Zip arm pads take a few miles to get used to; but when you, wow do they become comfortable.
  3. LiteSpeed C1 Race – We took the C1 for its first spin this week. To so many people one bike is the same as another. But for those who have spent the last three months on nothing but TT bikes, spending time on a nimble road bike is a blast. It is way too early to give first impressions, but so far we are having fun on the C1. And that’s always a good start.
  4. Nathan Sports AP Pro – We are working on our Final Thoughts so stay tuned!
  5. Garmin 910xt – We have solved the clock issue. However, if you turn on the watch in swim mode, but then switch to bike\run, you cannot easily tell if the satellites have been found. This is something we will be looking into this next week.

2 responses to “6-8-2014 WiR

  1. While I’m not sure why you are reviewing the 910xt so long after its release, viewing the satellite status after switching from inside swim to bike/run has a couple of options:
    1. Just tap back twice. First time will bump you out to the main menu, the second time puts you on the normal display. You should see the “searching for satellite” display.
    2. Add “GPS accuracy” as a data field.
    3. If you tap “power” the popup display at the top will display what mode you are in and next to it an icon displaying GPS status. The icon will say “3D” if connected and a flashing circle/oval with lines on the side if searching. That popup display also indicates what other accessories you are connected to as well.

    • Hi Balsforf – thanks for the info. We wanted to do a 910 review because it is truly the standard that all other triathlon watches are measured against. Any time we go to a race, it is easy to see which watch the majority of racers trust. Yes it may be a few years old, but to judge any new watches, we wanted to spend time with the king.

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