OGIO Endurance Athletic Bag 9.0 – First Look

Triathletes are known for double, triple, and quadruple checking their race-day items, so having an athletic bag that can expertly organize all of your gear is a must. That’s why we loved the OGIO Endurance 9.0.


OGIO definitely had triathletes in mind when they designed their bags. The OGIO Endurance Athletic Bag is crafted to be super durable and even boasts “crunch-resistant” molded “EVA” pockets and “tech vaults” for your electronics. Considering how many times we’ve had our gear trampled on in transition, this seemed like a great feature. It also includes a ton of storage must-haves that we truly appreciate. The bag can easily store any and all of your essentials from your shoes and helmet to water bottles and nutrition. That would normally be enough, but OGIO went beyond your “typical” features with its 9.0 model to include a changing mat compartment, nutrition organizer panel (we love this!), transition clip, and even a sleeve to keep your race day checklist handy.

Finally, how many times have you had to dig out nasty, damp clothes from the bottom of your bag at the end of the day? Apparently the designers at OGIO hated that as much as we did. They’ve included a water-resistant wet/dry clothes storage compartment with fabric that allows for ventilation.

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