Interbike 2013 – Quintana Roo 2014 Lineup

Any reader of the site knows that we are big fans of Quintana Roo – we have their CD0.1 on our cover and is one of our primary test frames. QR was one of the first to build bikes specifically for triathlon and only triathlon. When they brought out their Shift series of frames (illicito and CD0.1) they completely walked away from UCI rules. So as one would expect, we spent quite a bit of time at their booth checking out what they have in store for us in 2014.


The biggest news is that they have something big planned. They call it the PR and that is about all we can tell you about it. In fact at IB the only hint of the PR was one giant billboard letting us know when to expect it. All we know is that we are excited!



For 2014 we get not one, but two complete builds of the Illicito – and one of those is in Camo. Yes folks, camo is not only back for 2014 but it has expanded beyond the CD0.1 frame. The camo build is an Ultegra mechanical build and will retail for $4,400. For an extra $1,100 you upgrade from standard Shimano RS11 wheels to Reynolds Strikes (the new wider Strike SLG).


If you are looking for an electronic Illicito you can upgrade to the i2 which has Ultegra Di2. The upgrade will set you back $7,600 but you get full Di2 (including bullhorn shifters), the Reynolds strikes, and the Vision Trimax TT Carbon crankset (versus the Trimax TT Alloy that is standard).



2014 also brings a new more economical option to the CD0.1 line. Where in 2013 the Ultegra build was the lowest you could go, QR has now brought out a $2,800 version build around SRAM Rival. With the Rival build you get the same frame as the higher end Ultegra and Di2 builds but in a very budget friendly option. To top it off, the Rival is available in both a standard black\green color scheme as well as pink camo!


For those looking for a bit more performance you can get an Ultegra CD0.1 build for $3,400 or go full electronic with Di2 for $5,500. All three builds (Rival, Ultegra and Di2) are available with a wheel upgrade to the Strikes for $1,100.


Our Thoughts

The majority of the lineup shows incremental improvements to an already strong lineup. With full builds (in their most aero frames) ranging from $2,800 to $7,600 there are quite a few options for those looking for everything from a starter bike to a race ready rocket ship. Of course the most exciting news is the news we can’t share yet. Every athlete is constantly striving for a new PR – Quintana Roo may soon have the steed to take you there.


3 responses to “Interbike 2013 – Quintana Roo 2014 Lineup

  1. Initially fascinated with AeroGeeks support of QR’s Illicito, it only made sense after realizing it was about the paint job and graphics. The Illicito is a tramp of a bike. It may be aero but neither 2012 nor 2013 are stable platforms for average riders. (I’m 6’2″ @ 185 lbs) QR knows and privately acknowledges their Illicito frame (minus the seat stay) is not ready for training or race day. Unless you are a petite rider don’t even try this bike. It is very easy to put wheel into drive side seat stay burning rubber, pain, and carbon, It is a waste the time and money for you and your LBS!

    Hours of time and 4 ruined rear tires (2 Continental 4000 Chillis and 2 Vittoria evo open corsa) QR executed warranty on both Large 2012 and 2013 frames offering CD 01 as solution or then unnamed PR (whenever it finds its way to market / and not info on geometry) and worked with my LBS to apply purchase price to worthy S-Works Shiv.

    QR independent representative was professional but solution offered on behalf of QR did not begin to make me or the LBS whole! QR Answer: money back and a set of Veloflex Corsa (extremely thin racing tires not suitable for my needs).

    No known problems with CD01 but stay away from Illicito despite the cool camo color.

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