110% Flat Out Sox Hi Viz – Review

Most of our readers know by now how much we love 110%’s products. If you haven’t read our review of their OverDrive Compression Kit earlier this year, check it out here. Here at AG headquarters we have come pretty close to owning almost every piece of the 100% lineup, which should give you a pretty good idea of just how much we believe in their products’ abilities to boost performance and maximize recovery.

High Viz

So when we heard about 110%’s Flat Out Sox we had a feeling we’d be immediate fans. Like the rest of the 110% product line, the Flat Out Sox are designed with compression in mind. Constructed of and 85% nylon/15% spandex mix, these socks are the only compression socks that are designed to work like kinesiology tape (without the hassle of taping) offering specific zoned compression (22-15 mmHG gradient) to support your calf, shin, ankle, and foot simultaneously. And after donning a pair ourselves, we can tell you that this description is right on the money. We found the Flat Out Sox to be amazing comfortable and supportive. In fact, in the short time we’ve had them, we’re already starting to look forward to slipping them on for a run.

As we’ve mentioned in our previous review of the OverDrive Kit, the Flat Out Sox also provide anti-chafe padding on the ball of the foot as well as the ankle. The material also allows for good ventilation and moisture wicking. We’ve also found that these are easy to get on and off.

A pair of Flat Out Sox will set you back about $60 and are available in red, pink, and a new high visibility color option (that’s what we have here at AG). And like the rest of 110%’s product line, we think these are definitely worth the investment.

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