Giant Propel Advanced – First Look

Two years in the making, Giant’s Propel Advanced is the more affordable kid brother of the Giant Propel Advanced SL. While the Propel Advanced doesn’t feature the integrated seat mast of its more aero sibling, it does come at a much more agreeable price tag. The Propel Advanced 3 will set you back about $3K, while the SL—the same road bike ridden by Team Belkin riders at the Tour de France—runs about $11,350. For most of our readers, we think the $3K is a bit easier to swallow.


Crafted from advanced-grade composite for lightweight stiffness that won’t break the bank, the Propel Advanced was developed with adjustability in mind. Giant went through an unprecedented 88 prototype iterations before settling on a final design. What’s more, throughout the development process, Giant used a dynamic mannequin for its wind-tunnel sessions. Finally, Giant’s Vector SLR seatpost adds to the bike’s adaptability and reduces drag.


You’ll see quite a bit of “trickle down” technology from the Propel Advanced SL used throughout the Propel Advanced, including Giant’s integrated SpeedControl SL brake system. These hidden aero brakes have been strategically positioned to reduce drag. Additionally, Giant’s entire Advanced lineup utilizes its OverDrive 2 steerer tube technology, which claims to provide for better handling and front-end stiffness.


As any loyal AG reader knows, we love when manufacturers provide high-end goodies at a not-so-high-end price. And Giant’s Propel Advanced certainly does not disappoint.


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