2014 Felt AR – First Look

Lighter, stiffer, and more aero—this is what Felt is promising with its 2014 AR. And at first glance, we can’t disagree.

As one of the first aero frames on the market, the 2014 model can only improve on the already best-in-class AR design. With that said, just how aero is the new AR? According to Felt, the new frame is 14.7% faster than the original AR in the wind tunnel and at least 28% faster than a traditional round-tube road bike. Those are time savings that get our attention.


We think one of the most exciting features of the 2014 AR is the seatpost—yes, that’s right. And we’re not just talking about one seatpost either. Felt has actually developed two very specific seatpost models—VariMount (VM) and Vibration Reducing (VR).


Felt utilizes a patent pending clamping system (DiffLock) to keep the post from slipping, which is something you’ll see with both the VM and VR models. An added benefit of the VM model is the post’s ability to actually decrease vibration and improve the comfort of the ride when compared with a round seat post.  Finally, Felt’s seatpost design also allows the rider to flip it from a standard road racing position to one that is further forward to accommodate an aero position (helping to create a bike that can be both a road racer and a tri bike for the cost of a single frame).


Needless to say, if Felt has put this much consideration into the design of the seatpost we can’t wait to experience what else the AR has to offer.

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