K-EDGE Garmin TT Mount – Review

For those not in the know, the “K” in K-EDGE stands for Kristin; as in Kristin Armstrong, the two-time Olympic gold medalist in the Individual Time Trial. What they do is make small, machined parts for bikes that save time and frustration when things go not so smooth. Originally, this was just a chain catcher for a particularly hilly time trial Kristin had coming up, and it ended up being so good that K-EDGE started making them in earnest. Now, they have expanded to mounts for your bike computer, and the results are nothing short of stunning.


The K-EDGE TT Mount is an incredibly good looking piece of anodized aluminum and mounts between your extensions with a u-bolt configuration on the right bar (the u-bolt, however, only fits on an un-taped bar so you may have to re-tape post install). Your Garmin rides in a secure, locking collar that doesn’t require you to twist the Garmin to give a firm attachment. Instead, the retention mechanism uses a twist clamp on the underside of the mount. This is the heart of what makes this computer mount extra special—you don’t rotate your Garmin at all to lock it into place. That’s right; you just drop the Garmin in, twist the nubs, and you’re done. Narrow bar width riders, rejoice – your mount is here.


In our time with the mount, we have found that it makes placement a breeze and puts our computer’s display right where we want it: just aft of our wrists and plenty visible with just a downward glance. Since the mount places the Garmin directly between our bars, it is never obtrusive or in the way of rotating your arms or adjusting your position, to boot. Just turn it on, drop it in, and forget about it for your ride. Though we’ve found that cuts both ways.


It’s almost impossible to get to the buttons on the side of a Garmin Edge unit after it’s locked into the mount, unfortunately. If you have a 910XT or a 5/810 (yes it can support both the 910 and 5/810!), this isn’t so much of a problem, as the top buttons and touch interfaces don’t suffer from this sort of issue. To be clear, this isn’t a deal breaker in our minds. You simply turn on the Garmin and drop it into the mount before heading off to swim start—problem solved. The other issue for triathletes is a somewhat more important issue – it takes two hands to take off or put on your computer.

2013-08-07 19.40.55

When you drop the Garmin into the mount it seats itself naturally parallel to your bars, which is all well and good. But turn the locking mechanism and it rotates about fifteen to twenty degrees clockwise and stays there until you twist it back in line. We believe the mount—even if used one-handed—is secure. Also, pushing it back into line isn’t a big deal. However, it is worth noting that if you want your readout lined up perfectly straight out the gate, it takes two hands.

2013-08-07 19.40.40

We like K-EDGE’s newest product offering. And while it is geared more to the aggressive TT cyclist than your average triathlete, it fills a need that many athletes may have. For those bothered by a computer jabbing the forearm, or those simply riding narrow extensions, the K-Edge TT Mount is absolutely worth taking a look at.

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  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice write-up! Have you tested the unit with garmin 910xt? You state that it will work, but K-edge says it won’t. I’m really curious because I have a 910 myself and this mount seems to solve all my problems 😉


    • Hi Tim – unfortunately we don’t have a 910xt with quick mount available to verify. According to K-Edge there is an issue with clearance (something we also saw with the SpeedFil Z4). The shape of the back of the 910xt quick release kit is a bit thick which can cause the issue.

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