8-25-2013 WiR

This week we’ve been enjoying the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, and what a great race it’s been so far! We hope all of our readers have had some time to watch as well.


In addition to catching up on the week’s race updates, we’ve been busy with plenty of reviews and product research. This week we summed up our final thoughts on Specialized S-Works Trivents as well as Cobb Cycling’s Gen 2 saddle. We also took a look at ICEdot Crash Sensor—a product we’ve been especially excited to share with our readers since it promises to provide extra piece of mind to our loved ones while we’re out on the road. And finally, we posted our review of a unique hydration system called the FitSip.

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 A Little Something Extra…myID Personal Identification Bracelet


This week we had the opportunity to get our hands on some samples of the myID Personal Identification Bracelet. As our repeat readers know, we’re firm believers in always keeping ID (sometimes multiple forms of it) on your person during every training session. While we love our RoadIDs, we thought the myID bracelet is a great alternative that can also help keep first responders informed if you’re involved in an emergency out on the road.


Since myID was so similar to our RoadIDs, we wanted to determine its main differentiators. Here’s what we found: myID comes with a scanable QR code engraved on a plate that attaches to the bracelet’s wristband. The QR code links to a fully updateable online profile that you can access from your computer or smartphone (there is an option to update the profile via phone, but that will set you back $5 for a service fee). The online profile pin and ID # are unique to your wristband and can only be accessed by you.


In addition, myID offers a free smartphone app (purchase through your respective app store) that allows you to update your info via smartphone.  We especially liked that the app also includes a QR code that can be displayed on your phone’s locked screen.  So if you forgot your wristband and were involved in an accident, first responders or good Samaritans can scan the QR code on your lock screen and access your medical profile all without unlocking your phone.  This could even come in handy if you lost your phone, too.

This Week’s Posts

Monday Cobb Cycling Gen 2 saddle: Final Thoughts

WednesdayICEdot Crash Sensor: First Ride

ThursdayFitSip review

FridaySpecialized S-Works Trivents: Final Thoughts

Current Reviews

  1. TriRig Omega – Stay tuned for final thoughts coming this week. TriRig Omega – First Ride
  2. Reynolds 72/90 – Carbon braking shouldn’t be this good. We’re swapping out the rear this week for a PowerTap equipped Aero 72. Reynolds 72/90 – First Ride
  3. GoPro Hero3 – We took the GoPro in the pool this week. It’s amazing what this little camera can do.  GoPro Hero3-First Ride
  4. ICEdot Crash Sensor – We published our First Ride article this week. Be sure to check it out. ICEdot Crash Sensor – First Ride
  5. Dash Cycles TT.9 – First thoughts coming this week.
  6. Vision Metron Base Bar and Carbon Brakes – Just set them up on the CD01 test bike. It’s still a little early to give first ride impressions, but wow, are they beautiful. Check them out in our gallery below.

Upcoming Reviews

The past two weeks have been busy here at AG HQ, and there hasn’t been a busier place in the building than the mail room. Profile Design, Vision, Wheelbuilder.com, XLAB and Inviscid Design have all sent us new products to take a look at. We have be working to get all of the new products onto our test bikes and we wanted to show you what you can be looking forward to.

Thanks for reading AeroGeeks and helping build the AG community. Always remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you suggest. Let us know what you would like to see on our pages!

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