3/10/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

Continuing the trend we started last week, we wrapped up two more reviews these past seven days (and look to wrap more up the next week as well). We also took a look at the Healthy Surprise sampler subscription, which we enjoyed so much we actually plan on ordering a subscription for AG headquarters.

The mail room was busy this week as well, if you are watching our Facebook and Twitter feeds (and if not then you should be), you saw that we received the Dash Cycle Tri.7. It will be another week before you see it on one of our test bikes, but I can tell you that we are really excited to get this on the bikes. Zensah also sent us a pair of compression shorts to help us better understand the benefits of compression on our quads and upper legs. We will start testing later this week, but we will hold off on pictures for now (we think you will appreciate that). Lastly late in the week we received a box from Vision. We won’t tell you just yet what it is, but we know our readers will love it when we see it.


Finally we received a box we have been hinting at for quite some time. Since we unveiled our logo a month ago we have been looking for a way to share it with our readers. This week we received two boxes of stickers with our logo and avatar. If you tweet us, Facebook us, or comment here we might be willing to mail a few of these out!


This Week’s Posts

Current Reviews

1. XLAB Torpedo and Aero TT

All that’s left for this review is the write-up. When we first took a look at the XLAB products we felt they were an example of the brilliant execution of simple concepts. By the end of the week we will let you know if that thought still holds true.

XLAB’s Hydration Review – First Look

XLAB’s Aero TT

2. Hawk Racing 55mm Clincher Review

Every time the AG crew talks about the Hawks, the first thing that comes up is quality. We just love how these wheels were built and all the small details that went into them.

Hawk Racing 50mm Carbon Clincher

3. Hawk Racing BB30 Bottom Bracket

Another week of smooth riding and we could not be happier. When you get your tax refund the last thing that will come to mind will be a bottom bracket upgrade, but we may suggest your reconsider.

Hawk Racing BB First Look

4. Mad Fiber Carbon Clinchers

Our first look article is coming this week, but when our measured weight was 1299 grams, for BOTH wheels, you know it’s a special wheelset.


What’s Coming Up?

Last week was a busy week in the mail room, and the only way to move on to these new products is to finish up testing our existing ones. Expect to see a number of reviews throughout the week. We also have started to learn that even when we are not expecting any new products, one or two will show up, so hopefully we will have a surprise or two on twitter this week as well.

Thanks for reading, and remember to let us know if there’s anything you want to see reviewed on AeroGeeks.com.

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