3/3/2013 – Week in Review

Oops, a little late on this post. We took a long weekend here at AG and we were a little late getting this out the door. Don’t worry though; we will make it up to you. Last week we finished the Adamo Attack review and started looking at sampler boxes. This week we will be finishing off another of our reviews as well as taking a look at another sample box option. We are also starting a new review this week that we are very excited about.

We also wanted to take a moment to thank all of our readers. This week we hit a number of milestones – 15,000 page views, 100 Facebook Likes, and 100 Twitter followers. We never expected to grow so fast in such a short time and it is obviously due to all of you. We are working on a way to show our thanks, but for now just know we appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop by.

This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – Adamo Attack – Final Review

Thursday – Bulu Box – Subscription Sampler

Current Reviews

1. Flo Cycling – Flo 60 Wheelset

We are all done riding this amazing set of wheels, and all that’s left is our write-up. Expect to see it later this week.


2. XLAB Torpedo and Aero TT

Another 100 miles in the books and we are starting to get a feel for these products. Expect to see final write-ups next week.

XLAB’s Hydration Review – First Look

XLAB’s Aero TT

3. 2XU Compression Review

We ran and rode with these again this week and our first impressions are holding up. We expect to give our final thoughts this week as well.

2XU Calf Compression – First Look

4. Hawk Racing 55mm Clincher Review

Devon is still riding these and his thoughts regarding their quality continue to hold up. Knowing the name of the person who built your wheels is something quite rare in the industry, and a trait we really appreciate.

Hawk Racing 50mm Carbon Clincher

5. Hawk Racing BB30 Bottom Bracket

100 more miles and the BB is just as smooth as when we first put it on. It makes a very noticeable difference in effort for the pedal stroke. This is an upgrade many people never consider but we are starting to believe this may be a must have upgrade for anyone putting serious mileage on the bike,

Hawk Racing BB First Look

What’s Coming Up?

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook (and if you aren’t then you should be) then you know that we got a great new set of wheels last week – Mad Fiber Clinchers. We got them set up this weekend and the first ride is planned for Tuesday night. Look for our first comments on Twitter and Facebook.


Thanks for reading, and remember to let us know if there’s anything you want to see reviewed on AeroGeeks.com.

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