Cervelo S5 – Aero Down to the Water Bottle Mount

BikeRadar just republished their thoughts on the Cervelo S5 Team and gave it 4 out of 5 stars (recently another entrant in the Aero Bike category the BMC TMR01 received 4.5; our comments here). While their comments on it were interesting and attested to the fact that this is a road bike that prefers to ride the long straight roads, there was one specific item that I felt was worth reiterating. Cervelo recognizes that bikes are used by actual cyclists that have needs including thirst. To that end, when designing the bike they actually flared the downtube where the bottle will sit to help hide it from the wind. Actually acknowledging what many manufacturers do not; that riders will keep a bottle on the bike. On my personal bike I have concerns about mounting anything on the down and seat tubes since this may interfere with the manufacturers carefully thought out aerodynamic form. Cervelo’s acknowledgement and solution to this problem is the kind of technical engineering that we here at AG truly appreciate and absolutely commend them for taking the time to think this out.


[via BikeRadar]

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