The New Cervelo S2 – First Look

2013 has been a busy year for Cervelo and their Aero lines. First we had the redesign of the P3 in April (the New P3) and then the reintroduction of the S3 in September. So we would not have held it against Cervelo if they had decided to wait until 2014 for anything new. Apparently two bikes was not enough because they decided they had one last surprise in store for 2013. Meet the new S2 – stiffer than its predecessor yet with a renewed emphasis on aerodynamics.


With the New S2 (Cervelo is a big fan of branding the bike “New” to differentiate from the previous design), Cervelo was aiming for an aero bike that had the stiffness to win at the line. To do this, they redesigned the headtube to a more tapered shape, which is said to increase stiffness by 32%. The bottom bracket now features BBRight and is said to increase stiffness at the bottom bracket by 20%.


To retain the aero designation, Cervelo added a partial seat tube cutout that can accommodate 700x25c wheels. They also incorporated the flared downtube of the S5 that is designed to smooth the interface from downtube to water bottle.


The new S2 will be available with Shimano 105 5700 with an MSRP of $2850.


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