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Meet “The Geeks”

Mike – Chief Editor

Tracy – Multisport Editor 

AeroGeeks.com is a triathlon review site built by multisport athletes for multisport athletes. Each week we post new reviews of triathlon equipment, commentary, advice, and much more on the multisport products and trends that we think you should know about. What’s more, we know the importance of training and racing safely, which is why we also strive to share information to help keep you safe out there.

All of the products you’ll see reviewed on our site are items that we want to use ourselves, so we work hard to provide as much detail as possible from our experiences with each product. We think that’s what makes AeroGeeks.com so special—real experiences and detailed opinions all from real athletes just like you.

Interested in picking our brains on tri tech? Have a product you’d like us to review? Want to know more about our review process? Email us anytime. You can also find us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

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