Kask Special Edition Kona Helmets

Kona may be past but that doesn’t mean we finished all of our coverage from the island. Kask unveiled two special edition helmets that we just had to share. First up is the Utopia (which we took a first look at here).

And secondly is the Mistral. The performance-focused Mistral conceals six front openings and two rear ones for optimum ventilation and features 3D dry padding inside the outer shell to securely fit and protect the athletes. We haven’t had a chance to test one out yet but after seeing the special edition Kona version our interest is definitely piqued!

Kask also shared a Utopia video with four-time Ironman Champion, Michelle Vesterby, and two-time European middle-distance Triathlon Champion, Giulio Molinari.

Stay tuned for deeper looks at both these helmets in the future as well as the finale to our Kona coverage.

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