The Silca SuperPista Digital – First Look

For a day that was supposed to be about Kona – four new Silca products isn’t a bad substitute. And what did Silca have to offer? First there was the Ypsilon Y-Wrench. And after that Silca introduced the Pista Plus Floor Pump. Number three was the Silca Sicuro Carbon Bottle Cage. And now we are on number four. While we wouldn’t say we saved the best for last – personally we really want a Ypsilon Home Kit for the holidays, we cannot deny we saved the most expensive. But Silca has always been known for quality and durable products with a price tag to match. And when Silca takes their classic SuperPista pump and goes digital – the price may be well justified.

The Silca SuperPista Digital

Built more like a suspension fork than a traditional pump, the SuperPista combines a full metal shock piston design with the classic Italian leather plunger washer and German Igus linear bearings to create the most efficient, smoothest running SuperPista yet.

The oversized aluminum base provides more than 2x the stability of other designs while still being optimized for use with cycling shoes.  The lathe-turned Ash handle is a geometric copy of the SuperPista Ultimate handle and provides the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics.

The SuperPista also utilizes a top-mount hose design with top-mount magnetic chuck storage. This puts the chuck right at your fingertips, reducing back strain by eliminating bending over to access or store the chuck.  As with the Ultimate pump, the SuperPista now comes standard with the multi-award winning HIRO chuck.  This full metal chuck was originally designed for ultra-high pressure track use, but mechanics have since found that they prefer its compact size, adjustability, and extremely secure hold on all valves.

The digital aspect is a top mounted digital gauge that reads up to 220psi and is accurate within 1%.

And that aforementioned price – $275.

Our Thoughts

The SuperPista has always been Silca’s halo level product and the SuperPista Digital is no exception. The combination of top mounting the guage and an all digital readout means that if you show up at transition at 5AM race morning yours is going to be the pump that everyone is reaching for. Throw in the HIRO chuck and you better Lojack your pump before it wanders off. But we cannot ignore that halo products have halo price tags and this certainly will not be for everyone. And if you can live knowing that your tires are a few PSI  off your planned setup then this isn’t going to be the pump for you. But if you are someone that demands perfection and wants to ride exactly 105psi front and 110 back – then this is a product you are going to be excited about.

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    • We tend to feature Silca more than some others because they are both a workshop equipment manufacturer as well as a company that makes aero and speed benefiting equipment. That being said we have also covered Park Tool, Feedback Sports, and Bontragers pumps as well. And we are hoping to do something with Abbey Bike Tools in the near future.

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