SLF Motion Hyper Speed System – First Look

We couldn’t help but gawk at the latest from SLF Motion (and had to share it with you). The Hyper Speed System is starting to become more and more common on pro and AG bikes alike. But at Kona we got our first chance to see their Limited Editions. And…. they are absolutely gorgeous! Our personal favorite is the Purple and Green which are pro only.

But the other color options would rock any bike as well. Besides being damn sexy, the Hyper Speed System will decrease the amount of overall friction on your drivetrain – the result being that more of the watts your put down are transferred to the road.

So where is this free speed coming from? Oversized CNC machined titanium wheels and 7075 aluminum cage plates are wrapped around standard coated hybrid ceramic bearings.

You can check out a video of them in action below.

They retail for $485. But if you happen to bump into Blake in Kona (or maybe DM him on Instagram @slfmotion he might be willing to help you save a few more bucks!) Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the Hyper Speed System after Kona and keep your eyes on for more Kona action.

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