Quintana Roo HYDROsix – First Look

When you hear the phrase Quintana Roo you probably think a triathlon specific bike or a place in Mexico. For most of you reading this, neoprene is the last thing on their mind. But QR got their start in wetsuits and this week they are returning back those roots with the introduction of the HYDROsix – a new high-performance wetsuit.

The Quintana Roo HYDROsix

“This has been a labor of love for the past 10 months,” said Peter Hurley, president/CEO of American Bicycle Group, parent company of Quintana Roo. “Since launching our custom bike builder feature on the new QR website, we’ve moved so much closer to our customers, and in an almost overwhelming way, they kept asking us for a return to wetsuits. We looked at it, created a strategic plan, and are very excited to re-enter the wetsuit market.”

The HYDROsix starts with premium Yamamoto neoprene. The individual seams between panels were places in areas that allow for maximum material flexibility, essential to movement and breathing. While the Aerodome material creates core stability, rotation and turnover while maximizing buoyancy.

For increased speed there is a hydrophobic SCS nanocoating that repels water to reduce drag. And the selection of neoprene itself as well as it’s thickness is fine tuned for optimal lift and speed.

For your comfort QR has designed a  seal neck design that features natural, water-sealed fit with no discomfort. And spec’d an irritation free contact material that is a combination of soft and breathable jersey materials for a comfortable, irritation-free fit.

Designed in men’s and ladies’ sizing, each wetsuit comes with a two-year, no-fault warranty. Whether the reason is “my dog ate it,” “my smart watch ripped it” or “someone threw it in the dryer on high-heat,” Quintana Roo will either repair or replace it. QR also is providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For 14 days after purchase, customers can take their HYDROsix for a swim or race in it, and if not happy with its performance, return the suit for a full refund.

The MSRP for the HYDROsix is $799 and will be available at quintanarootri.com/hydrosix late this year or early 2019. The suit will be available for review at the Ironman World Championships in Quintana Roo’s Expo booth. Customers who visit the HYDROsix website and enter their email address prior to November 30 will receive a special, pre-launch 20% discount to use when the suit is available for purchase.

Our Thoughts

We love to see QR returning to their roots! If they can do to a wetsuit what they did to modern tribike designs with the PRsix we will be sold. Stay tuned to AeroGeeks.com for our indepth review in 2019 as well as continued Kona coverage!

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