Ventum NS1 Road Bike – First Look

Launching a road bike at Kona may not make a whole lot of sense to most companies. But when you are Ventum – the company who is sponsoring the Kona bike course. Suddenly this plan starts to make sense after all. Meet the Ventum NS1 – a standards following road bike from a company that likes to break all the rules.

The Ventum NS1 Road Bike

The Ventum NS1 has all the tunes you would expect on a road bike (but maybe not on a Ventum). There is a downtube, toptube, and seatstays. But while this may be UCI legal it doesn’t meant that Ventum hasn’t continued to push the boundaries on what an athlete can ride with.

Ventum built this bike to be both aero and light. It features carbon fiber, carbon nanotubes, and graphene (materials that are up to 300 times stronger than steel, at a fraction of the weight). Ventum utilizes a silicon EPS manufacturing process (compresses the carbon and resins making the frame lighter, stronger, and longer lasting). They tell us that it is tough enough to ride and gravel and features room for 30mm tires (though that might not be enough for most gravel riders);

Like most of this week’s announcements the NS1 is disc only. And also features full internal cable routing.

The Ventum NS1 will be available in your choice of six frame sizes and three stem lengths.

At launch the bike will be available as a frameset along with four configurations:

  • Ventum NS1 Shimano Ultegra Di2 with alloy wheels
  • Ventum NS1 Shimano Ultegra Di2 with race wheels
  • Ventum NS1 Shimano Dura Ace Di2 with alloy wheels
  • Ventum NS1 Shimano Dura Ace Di2 with race wheels

Pricing for the Ventum NS1 will begin at $5,000 for a frameset, and $6,900 for a complete bike featuring Shimano Ultegra Di2 components.

Shipments will begin in March, 2019 with orders being filled based on the preorder. The reservation deposit is $2,000. This amount is credited towards the final purchase price. As a special bonus, customers with reservations will also have an opportunity to choose custom paint colors for their Ventum NS1.

Our Thoughts

We still are waiting to hear quite a bit more about this bike (aero data, geometry, final build details) but our interest is piqued. Ventum built something truly special with the Ventum One and we expect that the NS1 will share that special sauce as well. Unfortunately until we get some ride time it’s tough to know exactly what that will be. But luckily Ventum started down here in South Florida so a demo ride will not be a long time coming. Until then stay tuned to for our latest Kona coverage and further details on the Ventum NS1.

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