Quintana Roo PRfour Disc – First Look

It’s day four of our Kona coverage and like the past two we start with a new bike launch. And while we have spent quite a bit of time covering the super premium offerings that will soon be available at your local bike shop. Today we start with a bike that is a little more affordable (but still not lacking in technology). Meet the Quintana Roo PRfour Disc. A bike packed with Quintana Roo aero technology, plenty of storage, and disc brakes all in a package starting at $2,999.

The Quintana Roo PRfour Disc

The first thing QR told us about this bike was that it comes directly from rider feedback. Athletes were looking for a carbon tri bike featuring disc brakes at an affordable price point. QR was able to use the knowledge from the PRthree (a bike that we found to be solid without breaking the bank) and add the disc brakes customers were looking for.

The PRfour features Quintana Roo’s asymmetric shift technology that shifts the downtube to better tune the air around the cranks. It also features an enlarged non driveside chian stay that in disc applications helps to hide the brake disc from the air.

The PRfour Disc features a mix of Shimano 105 11 speed components with TRP Spyre disc brakes. At the back you get QRs draftbox storage (with included light) and up top is a bento box. Your butt will find its home onboard an ISM saddle and the cockpit is Profile Design. The new PRfour disc starts at $2,999.  QR also offer it in a carbon aero race wheel version for $3,999.

Those interested in purchasing but curious about the geometry can check out the chart below. Preorders will open soon with delivery in December.

Our Thoughts

We were big fans of the PRthree and see the PRfour as an even bigger win. Those looking for a reasonably priced tribike with disc brakes have few options at the moment. If the PRfour is every bit the bike the PRthree is then what we said about the PRthree will most certainly hold true for the PRfour “It could truly be described as the best of both worlds—a lightweight, highly responsive (and just plain fun) bike that can help you speed your way to the podium, all for a price that won’t break the bank.” Stay tuned today for more coverage from Kona and look for an indepth review of the Quintana Roo PRfour sometime in 2019.

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