SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Pump + Hiro V.2 Chuck – First Look

Any long time reader of knows that we are huge fans of SILCA products. Just last week we gave them our “Most Beautiful of the Show” award for the HX-One at Interbike 2015. So it should come as no surprise that when we heard that SILCA was going to introduce a product based on two of our favorite SILCA products that we would immediately start getting excited.

hiro on dock white

As the name suggests the SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Pump + Hiro V.2 Chuck combines the SuperPista Ultimate Pump with the new for 2015 Hiro V.2 chuck.


Ultimate   HiroThe original Hiro has become an AeroGeeks garage mainstay and one of our most protected items in the tool chest. And while we have not yet had a chance to put the V.2 through our testing process we are quite comfortable in saying that we expect the V.2 to be everything we loved about the original Hiro and more.


For those unfamiliar with the SuperPista – it is build with 17-4 stainless steel and comes equipped with a +-1% laboratory grade gauge, reading 0-160 psi. The Hiro is docked magnetically to the base and is connected to the pump via a 12,000 psi hose. The pump handle itself is made of rosewood and is ergonomically designed (the design is based on the ergonomics and manufacturing techniques of the finest Japanese culinary knife makers.) Finally, the SuperPista comes with a 25 year hard parts warranty.

ultimate   'hiro'  full

Priced at $525 the SuperPista + Hiro is not cheap. But this is not a product built to last just a single season or two. The SuperPista and Hiro are built to last a life time and if possible be passed down from one generation of cyclists to the next. For those interested head over to to get a better look.

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