Interbike 2015 – Wrapping Up

Well the time has finally come – after six weeks of extensive coverage it is time to wrap up our Interbike coverage. But before we do we needed to share some of our favorites from the show.

The Products We Most Wanted to See – SRAM eTAP

Without a doubt the product we most wanted to see at Interbike this year was SRAM eTAP. We got our first chance at the media night and after months of speculation and prototype photos it was well worth the wait.

Biggest Surprise of Interbike – Kopin Solos

The Solos was a huge surprise to us when we first saw it Tuesday night. Tt is not the first wearable we have seen but it was so easy to use when we first picked it up that we cannot wait to get a product sample for testing.


Most Beautiful of the Show – Silca HX-One and Look 796

As we walked around Interbike – two booths got multiple visits from the AeroGeeks team. First up was the Silca booth. And while almost everything they make is a work of art – the HX-One is the current Silca item the team lusts after most.

And when we weren’t making excuses to stop by Silca we were then making our way over to the Look booth to check out the 796. If you wanted to hang a bike in a gallery – the 796 is where we would start.

The Helping You Make it Home Safe Award – Cycliq Fly12

The Fly12 is here to ensure that you make it home safe each and every ride. And if the worst should happen you have a record of the incident. Combining a 1080p front-facing camera combined with a 400-lumen front light, we expect the Fly12 is is going to be a regular addition to the AeroGeeks test bikes.

The Why Didn’t We Think of That Award – Quintana Roo Qbox

Combining a rear light with rear storage just makes sense yet until now we haven’t seen it make it to the market. Quintana Roo decided to change that. With the new Qbox for the PRSix they have created a single product that can both keep you out of trouble and hold the gear you need for when you get in trouble.

Quintana Roo was showing off their new integrated storage option for the PR6. Check out the light that's built right in!

Quintana Roo was showing off their new integrated storage option for the PR6. Check out the light that’s built right in!

The Would Anyone Mind if We Took That Home Award – Pinarello Bolide HR

Wiggin’s Bolide HR is an absolute work of art. Built for the singular purpose of setting the UCI hour record – if we say that the Look 796 belongs on the wall of a gallery – the Bolide HR belongs in the front atrium.

Here’s to Next Year

And with that our Interbike 2015 coverage comes to a conclusion. 11 more months until we do it again. Make sure to let us know what you thought of our coverage and what you want to see in next years.




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  1. I want to try SRAM eTAP out and see how it compares to other electronic shifting… but i love how you use right and left shifters to move along the cassette!

    any idea if the Qbox can be put on older bike models?

    • QR told us that the Qbox is specific for the PRSix models. Its built to complement that frames tube shapes.

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