Recon Jet – Update

We’ve been very excited about the Recon Jet for a while now. The concept of a wearable multisport (intended for running and cycling) display that you see regardless of your head position really intrigued us. When Recon Instruments first showcased the Recon Jet back in June of 2013, we thought we had only a few months to go before we would start seeing them on LBS shelves. Then at Interbike 2013 we got to experience a prototype pair hands-on. And while the December date was still officially on the table, we knew that, at best, the first batch would be limited. It would take a while to see full production.

Recon Jet - Black Frame - Spectral Mirror Polarized Lens

Well, unfortunately their timeline was definitely a bit off, but starting this week, Recon Instruments will begin shipping the Recon Jet. In the two years since it was introduced, the Recon team has put the Jet through a barrage of testing, upgrading and enhancing every concept they began with. The unit that ships this week now includes a dual-core CPU, a point-of-view camera, GPS, Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, Wi-Fi, and a 9-axis sensor suite, making it a stand-alone computing solution equivalent in power to a typical smartphone.

Recon Jet - Iona 2

We really appreciate that Recon has chosen to support both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+, ensuring the Jet will meet your needs regardless of the sensors you already own. This will allow you to access data such as heart rate and cadence metrics in real time. Power will be added shortly following launch. During an activity, Jet also allows the user to stay connected effortlessly to friends and family, displaying caller ID and text messages from a paired smartphone (something we hugely appreciate when we are on long rides away from the family).

The electronics in the Jet are distributed across the eyewear, ensuring the device is well-balanced and comfortable to wear even during long workouts. Jet is controlled by a touchpad and rocker button designed for use in all weather conditions, even with gloves on. Its design is modular, allowing batteries and lenses to be swapped easily.

The Recon Jet will be priced at $699. This includes either black or white frames, meteor grey lenses, a power cord, cleaning cloth, and case. Clear and yellow lenses will be available for purchase, ranging in price from $70 – $120 depending on color and polarization.  Extra battery packs will also be available for $60.

They say that good things come to those who wait, and it seems like Recon Instruments is showing that they truly abide by that mantra. The Jet looks awesome, and we cannot wait to see how it works on the bike and the run. Stay tuned for an in-depth review. We can’t promise you a timeline yet, but Recon has assured us that once the original pre-orders are taken care of, the media will get their turn. And while we’re eager for a pair of our own, we think it’s great that they are making sure the people who backed them get theirs first! But until then, we will just have to temper our excitement a bit longer. Then again, it’s been two years now; we are ok waiting just a bit longer to sample what the future of cycling has in store!

Production Tech Specs

Computing, Sensing & Connectivity

CPU ▪ 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9  Memory ▪ 1 GB SDRAM ▪ 8 GB flash Sensors ▪ 3D accelerometer ▪ 3D gyroscope ▪ 3D magnetometer ▪ Pressure sensor ▪ Infrared (IR) sensor Connectivity ▪ GPS ▪ Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart) ▪ ANT+™ ▪ Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n) Micro USB 2.0


Widescreen 16:9 WQVGA display Virtual image appears as 30″ HD display at 7′ High contrast and brightness ▪ Power-saving sleep modes including IR-enabled Glance Detection technology


Optical touchpad ▪ Usable in all weather ▪ Usable with gloves 2-button rocker

Audio and Visual

Camera ▪ Point-of-view photos and video ▪ Dual microphones ▪ Integrated speaker

Power & Battery

Battery ▪ Swappable lithium-ion ▪ Rechargeable via included USB cable to computer or power adapter


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