SILCA Removable Valve Core Extensions – Review

It would be easy to start this review by referencing the “click…click…click” of your valve extension rattling around in your wheel’s valve hole. But honestly, that short changes SILCA’s removable valve core extensions. They offer so much more than just their ribbed gasket. So instead, let’s lead with the word we are starting to regularly associate with SILCA – quality.


SILCA’s extensions are made from CNC 6066-T6 Aluminum. They don’t look cheap. And they definitely don’t feel cheap. Put them side by side with the extensions that came packaged with your wheels, and you’ll easily see the difference.  The interfaces get elastomeric gaskets, while the thread surfaces get an extremely thin film sealant – both to help reduce air leakage.  During our time with the SILCAs we never found our tubes to have lost more air than a non-extended tube.


The ribbed gasket works exactly as advertised. We used the SILCAs on a variety of wheels and noticed a snug fit every time. In fact, the fit is so snug that we’d advise you take extra care when inserting and removing the tube. The gasket can sometimes get a bit stuck in the valve hole and ride up and down the extension if you carelessly rip the tube out of the wheel. Instead, take your time and you shouldn’t have an issue.

The extensions are available in four sizes (34mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 75mm) and are designed to work with wheel depths from 32mm to 95mm. The deepest wheel we used with them was a set of Reynolds Aero 90s (90mm) and found them to be an almost perfect fit. SILCA recommends that to “ensure proper fit, you should measure the distance from inner rim face to base of tire well.  Valve stem, plus valve extension should measure 14-24mm longer than distance between rim inner valve hose and outer valve hole.”


At $34 (for a pair) these aren’t cheap. To be 100% honest, these are considered expensive compared to other options out there. But here’s the thing, sometimes really good products just cost a little more. And these definitely qualify. More importantly, we here at Aerogeeks review the products we want to use. And considering one of our editors just ordered a set for their personal wheels, you know we think this is a product worth riding.

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