ISM Adamo PN 1.1 – First Look

We first saw the 1.1 at Interbike back in September, and now it’s finally hitting shop shelves. The PN 1.1 features the same shape as the Attack, a saddle we were quite fond of when we tested it.


For those unfamiliar with the Attack, the shape of the PN 1.1 is 25mm longer than ISM’s Road (a saddle we are think many of our readers might be more familiar with) while being 25mm thinner. We found this shape to make for an almost ideal road racing saddle, specifically for a rider that is already used to the Adamo split-nose shape on their TT bike. With the PN 1.1 ISM has increased the padding thickness to appeal to triathletes who choose to forego a thick chamois or the cyclist looking for a little more padding.


The PN 1.1 will retail for $149.95 and is available in three colors. If you are looking for a saddle with a touch more support for those long rides – head on over to your LBS and have them set you up with a PN 1.1 – it may just be the perfect saddle for you.




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