3-2-2014 WiR

Spring is almost here and we all know what that means – tri season is back! The AeroGeeks editors have booked their races for the season and hopefully we will see a few of our readers out there. Keep an eye out for our Back to Tri Season gear guides to help out with all of your early season purchase decisions.


Also don’t forget this is the last week to enter our Half-a-Million-Views contest. Remember that there are two different ways to enter – on our site (here) and on our Facebook page (here). You have until next Saturday to enter (the 8th) so don’t miss out!


It was a busy week here at AG HQ. We shared our first thoughts on the Newton Distance Elites and took a look at the Zensah Reflect Arm Sleeves. We also said goodbye to the Mavic CXR clinchers, though luckily we already have their replacement mounted to one of our test bikes – Vision Metron 81 Clinchers. Stay tuned as we start putting them through our test gauntlet.

For those visiting us for the first time—welcome! One of our favorite ways to showcase our readers is our Readers’ Rides album on Facebook. You can check it out at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

This Week’s Posts

Monday – Newtons Women’s Distance Elite LightWeight Neutral Performance Trainer – First Run

Tuesday – Zensah Reflect Compress Arm Sleeves – Review

Friday – Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 C – Final Thoughts

Mail Room

The mail room definitely slowed down this week but we still got some great gear. Vision sent us their new Metron 81 Clinchers. They look fantastic and we already mounted them up on our Shiv. AudioFlood also sent us their iPod Bundle to help us keep our mind occupied as we hit the pool this spring.

We also sent three weeks’ worth of deliveries to the studio this week to get some shots before they hit the roads. Check out our gallery below to get a taste of what to expect over the next few months.

Current Reviews

  1. Profile Design TwentyFour Series – We keep promising one last ride and then we go and break an arm or strain a knee. We finished up the Mavics last week, so hopefully this week will be the last chance we need with the PDs.
  2. Sony HDR AS30V Action Camera – We planned on sharing our thoughts last week, but wanted to get one last thing tested before we did. We should have that cleared up early this week so hopefully you will get a chance to see the AS30V through our eyes by the end of the week.
  3. Profile Design RZ2 – We had the RZ2 out again last week and are ready to share our thoughts – keep an eye out for our review this week.
  4. Nathan Sports AP Pro – We mounted the AP Pro to our QR this week. Start sending your questions so we can test them out starting next week.
  5. Vision Metron 81 – The Metrons were mounted to the Shiv this week so like the AP Pro, let us know what you want to know.
  6. Garmin 910xt – The 910xt is one of the gold standards of our sport. We wanted to spend some time getting to know it better.

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