The Half-a-Million-Visitor Giveaway!

Wow! All of us at AeroGeeks HQ cannot believe we’ve already come this far. It seems like only yesterday we were posting our first post (here for those wanting to reminisce) Since then, AeroGeeks has been viewed over 507,000 times by almost 150,000 visitors. And for that we say thank you! Thank you for helping make AeroGeeks a top destination for all triathletes and cyclists around the world (did you know that AeroGeeks has been read in more than 170 countries?).


Of course words are not enough to help us convey our thanks. In honor of you, our awesome readers, we are launching two new contests—one right here on this page and one on Facebook (starting tomorrow) – Entering is easy! Just leave a comment answering one of the below questions on this page or tomorrow’s Facebook post (don’t forget to Like our page and share the contest first!). The questions:

On-page – Why do you race?

Facebook – What is your single greatest victory?

That’s it! All comments must be received no later than 11:59PM EST on March 8, 2014. A winner—one from each page location—will be selected randomly on March 9th. And since we know you’re going to ask—no, you cannot win both. But you can definitely enter both to increase your chances! And be sure to put some thought into your comment. Our AG editors will be selecting the winner who has first dibs on a prize selection based on their comment.

The Prizes

And now for the good part! Inviscid Design and Torhans have generously offered to provide some sweet prizes.

Inviscid Design is offering up their new A2/Z4+ combo, which they call the AeroBundle. The A2 was one of the first products we ever reviewed and still remains a regular companion on our rides. The Z4+ is a relative new comer to the AeroGeeks equipment lineup but one we would describe as “brilliant.” Speedfill got this horizontal BTA cage right!

aerobundle (1)


We’ll also be giving away an Aero30 + mount from Torhans. Torhans has spent a huge amount of time refining the shape of the Aero30. At Aero Camp, it was found that on bikes where you can get the Aero30 mounted up against the head tube, the Torhans becomes your best friend against the clock.



The Fine Print

Of course there is a bit of fine print…

  • We’ll cover the cost of shipping within the U.S. However, we ask that international winners chip in for shipping costs.
  • If for any reason we cannot deliver on any of the prizes, the AeroGeeks will offer a substitute prize of equal value.
  • As mentioned above, there will only be one unique winner per prize. However, feel free to enter both contests to increase your chances.
  • For Facebook you need to like our page and share the contest to be eligible.
So take two minutes and comment below letting us know: Why do you race? And don’t forget to check Facebook tomorrow to enter there as well. Good luck! And thanks again for helping us reach such a significant milestone!
[UPDATED 2/20 with full Facebook contest requirements]

37 responses to “The Half-a-Million-Visitor Giveaway!

  1. I race to show myself that I can do things that I never believed possible. I race to encourage others to try something they never thought possible. Faithfully chipping away at the daily tasks will eventually put the impossible within reach.

    Thanks for the cool reviews!

  2. I race to challenge myself. Each time is to test my limits. I might not be that fast compared to others but i’m constantly racing to beat the old me.

  3. I began racing and continue to race to show my kids what a difference finding something you enjoy doing can impact your life and the lives around you. I feel its crucial we continue to show kids how athletics can improve their lives and overall health.

  4. I race to stay in shape, and I enjoy the competition. I started exercising at around 270lbs. In 3 years I’ve dropped about 50lbs, and continue to get faster. It’s fun to set “impossible” goals, then achieve them.

  5. I race because I need to live a healthier lifestyle. I had a Pacemaker Implanted and found a new passion in life of running and triathlon. I’d like to think that others are inspired by my unique journey. Ironman New Zealand in 9 days.

  6. Being a former NCAA swimmer 2 years removed from racing I found that i was missing the competition, the training and the challenge. Triathlon was the perfect new challenge that I have loved since my first race. First Half-Ironman coming up in June.

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  8. i’v race triathlon for the best part of twenty years and done most formats and distances bar ultra and i just luv the feeling of racing nothiung gets close

  9. I training/race because of two bad shoulders, it can only be short races (I can’t train swimming anymore), and I cant imagin life without sports. And I want my kids to know the pleasure of sports.

  10. I race triathlon for the love of competition. I race to feel and share the nervous energy that exists on every start line. I race for the thrill of the speed that doesn’t happen in training, but occurs only on closed courses where I and other racers push to achieve our best effort. I race to motivate me to get up and train on the mornings and at times when I would rather stay home. I race to enjoy an active life, because I almost couldn’t once permanently and every race I finish reminds me how blessed I am to be alive, to be able to walk, to swim, bike and run.

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  12. I race to keep my ass off the couch all winter and to stay in shape at 48 y.o. for surfing and other watersports I want to do for the rest of my life. If I stop moving I will grow old!

  13. I race to hold onto the illusion of my youth (not many can admit that, can they?). I race against the young SM4 as a 48yr old to say to myself – “show em what ya got-I’m right here guys”. I race to feel scared, to feel nervous and to feel satisfaction of knowing that the results I achieve come from the hard work I put in. I race to have goals no matter how crazy they are (BTW-I’m going to be CO state crtierium champion this year, just saying) it keep me getting up at 3:45am to get my rides in on the rollers in the basement when I would rather be in the warm bed dreaming of glory.
    Lastly, racing helps me communicate my passion to the world. I love to tell people about riding, racing and nutritional advice I’ve heard, read or seen somewhere. I believe we are our sport’s best evangelists. How we handle ourselves draws people in or pushes them further away from the sport we love (yes this is meant for you guy/gal who runs red lights and stop signs – bad form). To all of you riding along, stay safe, be smart and have FUN! Rock On!

  14. I race because I got drunk one night, and decided to sign up for a Tri. Had so much fun, I just kept it up afterwards.

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