11-3-2013 WiR

It was a fun week here at AG headquarters. When we weren’t working on our latest reviews, we were preparing for a big charity ride the whole team was participating in. Luckily there was just enough time for both, and we were able to share our first thoughts on the XLAB Torpedo System as well as the Profile Design TwentyFour series. We also finished our final thoughts on the ICEdot crash sensor as well as took a more in-depth look at the new Trek Speed Concept.


Today the team rode the Dolphins Cycling Challenge – a multi route charity ride benefiting cancer research. We would definitely recommend the ride to anyone in the South Florida area. Though it is worth mentioning that it is a ride, and not a race (something they reminded you of quite often). The highlight was the finish where you got to roll through Dolphins Stadium with a crowd cheering you on – a nice way to finish a 70 miler.


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Yaw Angle versus Wind Angle

Here on AeroGeeks we often mention yaw angles when discussing aero data from manufacturers, yet we have never taken the time to really dissect what exactly yaw is and why it is important to these conversations. On top of that we have come to realize that many athletes confuse yaw angles with the angle the wind is coming from which could lead to a false understanding of the properties of wheelsets they may be considering buying. Paul Lew at Reynolds recently recognized the same issue and has put together a high level overview of what yaw is and how yaw angles in the wind tunnel translate to real world conditions. You can check it out here – Reynolds-Worlds-Apart and let us know what you think.

This Week’s Reviews

Monday2014 Trek Speed Concept – Second Look

TuesdayICEdot Crash Sensor – Final Thoughts

Thursday: Profile Design TwentyFour Series – First Ride

Friday: XLAB Torpedo System – First Ride

Current Reviews

  1. Reynolds 72/90 –We rode the 72/72 combo 70 miles in a charity ride this weekend and were pleased how controllable they were in a peloton. With their fairly deep depth we had some concerns that the wind may push us around but the wheels performed like champs. Reynolds 72/90 – First Ride
  2. GoPro Hero3 – Stay tuned this week for our final thoughts!  GoPro Hero3-First Ride
  3. Wheelbuilder.com PowerTap-Equiped Reynolds Aero 72 – Looks like we may need to change the battery on the PowerTap this week. We will let you know how that goes. WheelBuilder Reynolds Aero PowerTap Package – First Ride
  4. Dash Cycles TT.9  – No updates this week, Devon was mostly riding the S5 as well as our LaPierre road bike. Stay tuned though for more thoughts on the Dash. Dash Cycles TT.9 – First ride
  5. Vision TriMax Carbon Base Bar and Metron Brake Levers– Our thoughts on the Metron brake levers are coming this week. Vision TriMax Carbon Base Bar – First Ride
  6. Bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 Clinchers – Devon continues to be extremely impressed by this wheelset which has found a home on our LP test bike. Bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 Clinchers – First Ride
  7. Profile Design TwentyFour Series – It has been a while but we were able to share our First Ride this week. Profile Design TwentyFour Series – First Ride
  8. XLAB Torpedo System 100/400 – So the Torpedo really is as good as we thought it might be. Check out our First Ride to get the full details. XLAB Torpedo System – First Ride
  9. Bontrager XXX Aero – Devon rode the XXX this past week on a 70 mile charity ride and could not stop talking about the comfort of that bar. He has found that on the XXX it is more comftorable to ride the drops than the hoods.  Bontrager XXX Aero – First Ride
  10. Cervelo S5 – Devon’s time with the S5 is almost up and then it is up to Mike to get his say. Stay tuned for updates.

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