2014 Trek Speed Concept – Second Look

Back in July when we covered Trek’s launch of their revised Speed Concept our biggest wish was an opportunity to put some miles on the bike. Unfortunately we still haven’t had that opportunity but Trek did bring their Project One showcase to the Miami 70.3 and brought three fully customized SCs with them.


This was our first chance to take a deeper look at all the revisions and updates Trek made and we have to admit – we are very impressed. The Speed Fin is an innovative idea that we expect to see show up on other frames in the future.  And the enlarged Draft Box looks to have more than enough space to contain all of your race day (and training) emergency supplies. Check out our gallery below showcasing the new Speed Concept and let us know what more you want to see – we might just have plans for a long term review in the not to distant future!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Trek Speed Concept bike. I thinks it really help to get more speed than the usual. Hope i also have one of them.

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