8/4/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

It was a birthday weekend for the AeroGeeks – Happy Birthday to Mike! He celebrated just like any good triathlete should, with a nice refreshing century ride.


We were very excited this past week to share our thoughts on the TriRig Omega. This is a product meant to take the best ideas in the industry and combine them into a single, easily used product. We also took a look at the XX2i France1 sunglasses. If you didn’t get a chance previously to take a look, make sure to do so. Also don’t forget that you can use the code AeroGeeks at XX2i’s site to save an additional 40%.

For all of our new followers—welcome! One of our favorite ways to showcase our readers is our Readers’ Rides album on Facebook. You can check it out at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album just tweet us at @AeroGeeks, Facebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – XX2i France1 Pro Racing Kit – Review

Friday – TriRig Omega – First Ride

Links we Liked

Last week Cervelo published an article discussing if slow riders or fast riders get a bigger benefit from aerodynamic gains. Most will tell you that faster riders get a bigger percentage gain from their equipment. However Cervelo’s article shows that over a fixed distance (such as a 56 mile HIM) the slower rider actually gets the bigger benefit. Make sure to check it out – here.

Current Reviews

1. Bontrager Hilo RXL Speed Dial

The Speed Dial is coming off the test bike sometime Monday, and we will be bidding it a sad goodbye. Make sure to check out our final thoughts in another week to see why we are sad to see this one go.

Bontrager Hilo RXL Speed Dial – First Ride

2. Specialized S-Works Trivent

Mike used the Trivents on his century ride this weekend and came away all smiles. Hill training is scheduled next week.

Specialized S-Works Trivent – First Ride

3. Cobb Cycling Gen 2 Saddle

We are pulling the Gen 2 off the test bike this week, and have our final thoughts scheduled for next. Stay tuned!

 Cobb Cycling Gen 2 Saddle – First Ride

4. Cobb Cycling Max Saddle

Tracy continues to be a big fan of the Cobb Max, and put some big miles on it last week. Make sure to let her know if you have any questions.

Cobb Cycling Max Saddle – First Look

5. TriRig Omega

We published our first thoughts on the Omega this week. Make sure to check them out.

TriRig Omega – First Ride

6. Reynolds 72/90 Aero

We have our First Ride article on the 72/90 scheduled for this week so stay tuned to read our thoughts.

7. GoPro Hero3 Silver

We started the Hero3 review with the goal to demonstrate how useful it is for a triathlete to have a video record of their rides. However in just a week of testing we are already seeing how this little camera can be used in all three sports. This coming week we plan on using it on the bike, in the pool, and as part of transition training.

8. ICEDot Crash Sensor

Anyone reading this site has gone on at least one long, lonely ride, with one or more loved ones worrying about them. But what if there was a product that would text those loved ones if something happened to you? The ICEDot promises to do just that. Stay tuned as we put it through its paces.

Thanks for reading AeroGeeks and helping build the AG community. Always remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you suggest. Let us know what you would like to see on our pages!


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