7/28/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

This week we are saying goodbye to two or the products we most looked forward to in 2013 – The Giro Air Attack and Profile Design Aero HC. We had a great time testing them, if only to see that they both absolutely met our expectations. If you missed the opportunity to check out our final thoughts, make sure you head over there now.


With two products off the AeroGeeks testing board, more are moving to take their place. First up is the Specialized S-Works Trivent – the shoe with the moving heel. Make sure to check out our first look article and let us know if you want to see anything specific in the Final Thoughts article in a few weeks. We have already received a number of requests to climb with them…so climb we will.

We also wanted to say hi to any and all the geeks we met up with at the Huntington Disease Triathlon today. It was great bumping into our readers and having time to chat. If you ride down in the south Florida area let us know and we can try to meet up.

For all of our new followers—welcome! One of our favorite ways to showcase our readers is our Readers’ Rides album on Facebook. You can check it out at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album just tweet us at @AeroGeeks, Facebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

This Week’s Posts

Monday – Specialized S-Works Trivent – First Ride

Wednesday – Profile Design Aero HC – Final Thoughts

Friday – Giro Air Attack – Final Thoughts

Ride Safe

One of our core principles here at AeroGeeks is to help ensure that all of our viewers ride safe. It was for this reason that we did our two part series on the Road ID (here and here). This week we are kicking off two new reviews to help ensure all of our viewers make it home safe after every workout. The first is the ICEDot – a crash sensor that lets loved ones know that something has happened to you. Secondly we are going to take a look at using a GoPro to act as a “blackbox” for whenever you are riding. Let us know what you think about the reviews, and if you know of other products that can help your fellow geeks, feel free to shoot us an email at info@aerogeeks.com.


What we Raced

Devon was out racing this past weekend and took the Felt DA as his weapon of choice. On it he went with the Torhans Aero 30 to handle the hydration needs. For his wheel choice he ended up going with the Reynold 72/90 and used the Omega to handle his stopping needs. He had a strong bike leg but was hampered by a flat midway through.

Current Reviews

1. Bontrager Hilo RXL Speed Dial

We have a century ride planned for this coming week, so the Speed Dial should get a pretty impressive workout. After that we should be able to wrap up our thoughts on the Speed Dial. Let us know if you have any final questions.

Bontrager Hilo RXL Speed Dial – First Ride

2. Specialized S-Works Trivent

We published our first thoughts on the Trivent this week. Of all the attributes we enjoy the most, the overall stiffness of the shoe reigns supreme.

Specialized S-Works Trivent – First Ride

3. Cobb Cycling Gen 2 Saddle

We actually put our Gen 2 testing on hold for a week as we were preparing for a local tri and spent most of the time on the TT machines. Next week should see us back on the road bike.

 Cobb Cycling Gen 2 Saddle – First Ride

4. Cobb Cycling Max Saddle

The Max had a Carbon Wing attached to it this past week in expectation of some long distance workouts. This should give us a great final feel for the saddle and help us prepare for our final thoughts.

Cobb Cycling Max Saddle – First Look

5. XX2i Optics France1 Pro Racing Kit

Our review is scheduled sometime this coming week, stay tuned!

6. TriRig Omega

We raced the Omega this weekend, and when you are coming in hot to T2, it is imperative to have a brake that can stop you as quick as possible – the Omega did not disappoint.

7. Reynolds 72/90 Aero

The Omega wasn’t the only product undergoing evaluation that made it onto the race bike this weekend. The 72/90 combination was perfect for a short course with almost no wind.

Thanks for reading AeroGeeks and helping build the AG community. Always remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you suggest. Let us know what you would like to see on our pages!

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