BMC Timemachine ROAD – First Look

It’s hard to believe it has been 5 years since BMC launched their first dedicated aero road bike – the TMR01 ( Back then when aero road bikes were just starting to impact the market – it was thought you could be aero or you could be stiff. But you couldn’t be both. Today we know better and the current crop of superbikes are aero, light, and stuff. So it was time for a new TMR – and BMC hasn’t disappointed. Meet the Timemachine ROAD. A bike that at first glance you expect to be at your local transition – not just a few weeks from cruising the Champs-Élysées. 

The BMC Timemachine Road

There is no doubt from the first time you see the new Timemachine that this is a bike built with a singular purpose – get it’s rider to the finish line the fastest. It’s hard angles, dropped seat stays, and hidden cabling all scream aero. BMC claims this is the fastest road bike ever (a claim we have heard a few times recently with launches such as the Cannondale SystemSix) and one we expect to see tested in a comparison very soon.

The Timemachine is hands down the most integrated road bike we have seen to date – featuring elements that before now we had only seen on dedicated triathlon frames. Up front is the new ICS Aero cockpit that features a minimal frontal surface area and stealth cable routing for reduced drag with no limitations to functionality or fit. The bar features an ergonomic aero top shape and a minimal leading edge. It is available in 3 widths: 400/420/440mm and features a 66mm Reach, 125mm drop, and 2.5 ˚ Flare.

The aerodynamically optimized ICS technology stem is designed for minimal frontal surface and increased  compliance it is available in 4 sizes: 100, 110, 120, 130mm and features a – 15˚ angle. BMC also equipped the stem with an integrated Garmin and Go-Pro mount (which truth be told is becoming the standard).

At the back is the new aero post. Featuring a Kamm tail profile, the new seatpost is designed to match the aerodynamic performance of the Timemachine R01 and provide a wide range of adjustments. There are 3 offset positions: 0mm, 15mm, 30mm and 2 lengths 210mm (48&51), 270mm (54,56,58,61).

The Timemachine ROAD is a disc only frame (another thing we seem to be saying quite often lately). And BMC has a few aero tricks up its sleeves. An integrated (removable) aero cover optimizes the fork’s aerodynamic profile through seamlessly integration and reduces the turbulence caused by the front brake caliper.

And then there is the onboard storage and hydration – something previously unheard of on a road bike. BMC calls this their Aero Module. The aero module blends hydration and storage elements in a modular system and re-purposing them to improve aerodynamic performance while adding functionality.  The bottle cages were developed alongside Elite. Designed for 550ml bottles they are compatible with standard bottle cages.

Like the bottles, the storage integration was also designed in collaboration with Elite, the Aero box improves airflow and aesthetics  while providing essential storage. The low center of gravity ensures improved handling when compared to saddle bag storage. The Aero box can be removed to comply with UCI regulations. 

And the result of all this integration – BMC tells us 2:10 saved over 40km as compared to thier own Teammachine road bike.

The Builds

The Timemachine ROAD will be available in three builds starting in September. ONE – Dura Ace Di2, TWO – Red eTap, and THREE Ultegra Di2 priced at $12,999, $10,999, and $8,499.

Available sizes are 48, 51, 54, 56, 58 and 61cm.

Our Thoughts

We are definitely looking forward to some seat time with the new Timemachine ROAD. The sheer amount of integration makes this a bike that will be quite at home with our collection of TT and tri bikes. Stay tuned for an in depth review and keep an eye on as we keep up our coverage of EuroBike and the Tour!

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