1-7-2018 WiR

Happy New Year! Hopefully you can excuse us for missing a few WiR’s this holiday season. But as of this week, we are back and ready to roll! This week we kicked off the AeroGeeks’ New Year with a new Readers’ ride, a review of the DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 80s, and a first look at the Wahoo TICKR Fit.

We also saw the start of the 2018 tri season with HITS Naples this weekend. For all of you who braved the cold (or at least what us Floridians think is cold). Congrats on either starting your season or finishing it! (And a special out to one of the original friends of the site – Khristopher, who raced in what appears to be 3 layers of kit).

As always, thanks for reading AeroGeeks. We are looking forward to an exciting 2018. We have a whole bunch of gear we are excited to show you as this year kicks off. And we are waiting with bated breaths to see what new gear will be on display.  If there is anything you want to see us check out make sure to tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, get us on Instagram, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com. Or just let us know in the comments below!

Catching Up

Wahoo TICKR Fit – First Look

DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 80 – Review

Readers’ Rides

We kicked off 2018 with this gorgeous Felt IA14 Readers Ride from Martin. The bike is equipped with Shimano Ultegra, 7.10 Tokyowheels, with homemade discwheel cover, made with 1mm ABS plastic sheets. The cover is fastened with 5 small, but strong neodymium magnets, on each disc. The discs is then taped on, so it doesn’t slide. And the rubber is Continental gp 4000s II. Martin rides on an Ism Pn 1.1 40. Saddle. And to hold his gear is a cut to fit, specialized shiv fuel cell. Finally, power is measured with powertap p1s pedals.


If this is your first time following AeroGeeks, one of our favorite things to do is share our readers’ bikes with the world. You can check out our entire collection at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album, just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, get us on Instagram, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com. Don’t forget to also follow #agreadersrides on Instagram as well!

Silca SuperPista Service Bulletin

Just over a year ago we reviewed the Silca SuperPista and had high regards for it. Because we reviewed it, we wanted to make sure we shared that in mid-December Silca released a Service Bulletin specific to the Super Pista (in regards to the gauge). You can view the actual details here. For those affected, Silca has issued both a temporary work around and starting the week of January 20th will be shipping a replacement gauge.


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