Bar Fly 4 TT – Review

We have really struggled to find a solution to mount our GoPro and Cycliq Fly12 to our TT setups. While there are a number of good options for 31.8 mm bars, the standard 22.2 mm aerobar options have been somewhat lacking. When we mentioned this to Bar Fly, they told us that they not only had a solution available, but this would also be able to double as our computer mount. And thus, our Bar Fly 4 TT review was born.

The Bar Fly 4 TT is Bar Fly’s (almost) all-inclusive mount for 22.4 and 24mm bars. It handles computers up top, and below, a light or a device with a GoPro\Finned mount can be attached. The list of computers that the 4 TT is able to handle is pretty impressive:

  • Garmin Edge Series 200, 500, 510, 520, 800, 810, 1000, Touring
  • Watches 910XT, 920XT
  • Polar M450, V650
  • Wahoo ELEMNT
  • Mio 500, 505, 505HC
  • Magellan 315, 505
  • Powertap Joule
  • Cateye GPS/Wireless
  • Bryton 100, 300, 310, 330, 530, 10 and One

We tested with Garmins (both a 520 and 920XT) and the Wahoo ELEMNT and found it to work exactly as expected. There were zero issues mounting the computers. And no rattles out on the road, either.

As we mentioned earlier, on the bottom, you can choose a light mount or a GoPro/Finned mount. For us, the GoPro mount was especially appealing. Previously, we had been using GoPro’s bike mount to fit our Fly12 to our extensions, and unfortunately we had two of the mounts shear off. We suspect this was due to the fact that we had to use the GoPro mount in conjunction with their 90-degree turn mount, which created quite a bit of length between the bar and the heavy camera, resulting in a bunch of unwanted torque. With the 4 TT, the camera was installed right under the mount and we had absolutely no issues.

To install the 4 TT, you need to decide which of the computer adapters you want to install (and in the case of the Garmin quarter-turn adapter, which direction you wanted to install it in – watch or computer orientation). Then choose the bottom adapter for either the light or GoPro mount. Then a pair of bolts is installed through the mounts in most cases. If you want to use the Garmin mount in watch orientation, you actually install the GoPro mount with one set of bolts and the Garmin mount with a second – this is the most complicated possible install and it still took us only a handful of minutes to complete.

If you choose the GoPro mount, unlike options from GoPro that use a thumb screw, the Bar Fly requires an Allen wrench for the install. This happens to have been our only nitpick with this mount – we much prefer the simplicity of a thumb screw vs having to pull out an Allen wrench after every ride to recharge our Fly12. We suspect this was done under the assumption that most would be using a GoPro installed inside its case, which lets you take the GoPro out of its case without needing to remove the whole thing from the mount.

The mount itself uses a swivel hinge to install to your aerobars, which is closed with another Allen bolt. The swivel hinge makes fitting the mount on to the bar a simple endeavor, even when clearance is tight. We actually had ours installed in front of an XLAB Torpedo 500 with the Bar Fly handling both our Fly12 needs and backup computer mount. Clearance was a bit of an issue, but the Bar Fly handled it like a champ!

Our only issue we had with the Bar Fly is related to the aforementioned Allen bolt used to install the camera. We unfortunately lost it after we pulled the camera off to recharge, and we haven’t yet figured out a replacement solution. The good news is that, by the time this happened, we had everything we needed for our review. The bad news is that we don’t plan on parting with this mount anytime soon and need to head to Home Depot to find a replacement!

The Bar Fly 4 TT MSRPs for $39.95, but a quick search on Google may help you find it for a bit less. Overall, we could not have been more pleased with this mount and suspect for many a triathlete that chooses to ride with a GoPro, Fly12, or other device utilizing a finned mount, this may be worth giving a good look.

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