6-11-2017 WiR

It’s going to be a fairly quick WiR this week. We were late getting it ready for publication, and USA\Mexico is already on (yes, we enjoy sports beyond run, bike, and swim). But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about a few awesome things we saw this week.

So if you’re glued to the TV like us and must wait until Monday to read this, we totally understand. But whether it’s Sunday night or Monday morning, thanks for reading!

This Week

Wednesday – Wattie Ink. Women’s Tights – Review

Thursday – Shimano Ultegra R8000 – First Look

Friday – SRAM Red eTap – Review

Readers’ Rides

If this is your first time following AeroGeeks, one of our favorite things to do is share our readers’ bikes with the world. You can check out our entire collection at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. We didn’t have any submissions this week, but we have a basket of great AG gear and giveaways, so there’s a good chance one of the next few (continental U.S. based) submissions might end up getting some awesome stuff!

If you would like to have your bike featured in our album, just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, get us on Instagram, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com. Don’t forget to also follow #agreadersrides on Instagram as well!

Brooks Endorsements

One of our most memorable moments we have ever had as an athlete was the first time we were sponsored. Yes, it was just a local business. But for the first time someone was putting their name on us and saying we not only believe in you but we want the whole world to know it.  To celebrate Global Running Day, Brooks is offering all athletes a chance at their own endorsement!

Head on over to https://registration.brooksathlete.com/ if you want to check it out. You’ll get exclusive access to training and nutrition resources. You’ll get your very own athlete card to share online including your Brooks athlete number (plus a load of bragging rights at your local run club). You’ll of course get your signed endorsement deal and lastly, you’ll get a check that you can cash for $1.00 (for runners in the U.S. and Canada)!

New Rudy Project Wing57 Shield

This week Rudy Project announced a newly updated flip up visor for their Wing57. The fully functional, removable flip-up ergonomic design is aimed at providing a durable and versatile optical shield solution. Even better Rudy Project North America announced anyone who has purchased a Wing57 prior to this announcement will be offered a free Smoke flip-up visor when they pay the associated shipping and handling costs through a dedicated online order portal.

The new removable visor sits in a secure flip-up attachment that is inserted directly into the helmet and folds upwards, making the helmet easier to get on – an ideal feature in T1. In the downward position, the visor locks into place thanks to discretely placed magnets, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit while the aerodynamics of the helmet reduce the chances of fogging and wind drag during long rides.

“The new removable flip-up visor makes the Wing57 the ultimate customizable aero helmet,” said Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. “It’s faster through T1, it’s more secure, and it’s compatible with almost every Wing57 out there. We’re excited to provide a new and improved, masterfully engineered flip-up visor that re-enforces why we are the #1 helmet at Kona for the last 6 years in a row.  Since the visor is completely removable, riders who prefer wearing glasses can do so easily.  And to include all our current owners in the exciting news is awesome.  We’re offering anyone who purchased a Wing57 prior to today a free Smoke Flip-up visor provided they pay the associated costs to get it to them.  We want all our athletes to have the best and latest technology while they train and race.  We hope this move upholds our motto to ‘Elevate Your Performance’ for all our athletes.”

Customers who have previously purchased a Wing57 helmet from an authorized Rudy Project North America dealer or website can obtain a new, free Smoke visor between now and July 31, 2017 for a $14.99 USD shipping and handling fee within the Continental US; $29.99 USD in Canada, HI, AK, PR, USVI and Guam. The offer can be redeemed by going to the URL: https://www.e-rudy.com/en/freevisor.  Any questions can be answered by emailing orders@gorace.pro; by calling Rudy Project North America Customer Service toll free at (888) 860-7597, ext. 2  or customers can take advantage of the new customer service chat interface on www.e-rudy.com.

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