5-21-2017 WiR

We love this time of the year – both the Giro and Tour of California are in full swing, which is the appetizer to wet our Pro Tour appetite for The Tour in July. As we are writing this, we have Friday’s time trial from the Tour of California replaying on the TV.  We love seeing the top pro time trial tech – especially knowing that much of it will be showing up in our local transitions in the next couple months.

In this week’s WiR, we have some exciting new products from Torhans as well as new RoadID options for your wearables. Also, if you didn’t catch our articles this past week, make sure to check out our thoughts on the Zipp 454 Carbon Clinchers and some great maintenance products from Finish Line.

And as always, thanks for reading!

This Week

Tuesday – Zipp 454 Carbon Clincher – Review

Friday – Finish Line Mechanic Grip Gloves and Absorb-It Mat – Review

Readers Rides

If this is your first time following AeroGeeks, one of our favorite things to do is share our readers’ bikes with the world. You can check out our entire collection at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. We didn’t have any submissions this week, but we have a basket of great AG gear and giveaways, so there’s a good chance one of the next few (continental U.S. based) submissions might end up getting some awesome stuff!

If you would like to have your bike featured in our album, just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, get us on Instagram, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com. Don’t forget to also follow #agreadersrides on Instagram as well!

New From Torhans

One of the items on the checklist when we relaunched was reaching out to many of the companies we had worked with previously to see what has been up since we last talked. And while we hadn’t thought we had missed much, Torhans begged to differ. They had not one but two new products for us to feast our eyes on.

First up are new lids on the Aero 20 and 30 that are spill- and splash-proof.

And for your nutrition needs, there is a new AerobentoX. It is about 1/3 larger than the current version and allows for easy cable and Di2 integration.

RoadIDs for your Wearables

Hopefully by now all our readers are wearing some sort of ID when they are out on the roads training. If not , why aren’t you? No matter how safe you think you are, accidents happen. And unfortunately when they do, you aren’t guaranteed to be able to talk to first responders or witnesses to tell them who you are or about your needs. For those that do wear ID, the other reality is that sometimes you may misplace it. We know we have. So then you have a problem—you know where your computer is, but do you want to leave you house without your ID? Well, RoadID has a new solution – RoadIDs for your wearables.

Starting at $24.99, RoadID currently has options for Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit products (full list below). The Road ID faceplates are color and product matched to your wearable of choice. And depending on that wearable’s size, allow up to six lines of text.

For some wearables, the RoadID faceplates are available now, while others will have to wait a few more weeks for shipping dates.=

We think this is an awesome idea, though we are a bit disappointed they do not yet have an option for our much-loved Garmin 920xt. We’re hoping that’s coming very soon!

Check out the full list of supported wearables below.

  • Garmin
    • Fenix 3
    • Fenix 5
    • Fenix 5S
    • Fenix 5X
    • Forerunner 230
    • Forerunner 235
    • Forerunner 630
    • Forerunner 935
    • Vivosmart HR+
    • Vivofit 3
    • Vivoactive HR
    • Vivofit 2
    • Vivosmart
    • Vivosmart HR
  • Apple Watch
  • Fitbit
    • Flex 2
    • Charge 2
    • Alta
    • Alta HR
    • Blaze
    • Charge
    • Charge HR
    • Surge
    • Flex


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