Bar Fly Air Lever – First Look

One of the challenges on modern tri bikes is that while there is now storage routinely built in – that doesn’t mean you have room for the kitchen sink, or even just aa minimum flat kit. More than one bikes on board storage that we have tested struggles to handle a pair of levers, Co2 + inflator, and tube. We have always made it work but have been on the lookout for something better. Luckily Bar Fly now has a solution that may solve that.


The Bar Fly Air Lever

The Air Lever combines two must need components in your flat kit – the lever and inflator. The Air Lever starts with two robust tire levers, perfect for road and MTB tires – even the tightest tubeless tires. One lever incorporates an inflator that accepts any threaded CO2 cartridge and fits both Schrader and Presta valve stems.

The Air Levers slim design fits in pocket, bag, saddle bag, and even directly on the bike. It also weighs in at less than 50 grams for 2 tire levers and CO2 head so even weight weenies will be happy.


Bar Fly plans to deliver in mid-January to backers. And then plans to ship to bike shops and distributors soon after Kickstarter backers are shipped product. MSRP will be $29.95 but initial backers will be able to get in for as little as $24.


Our Thoughts

Like we said – we have fought small bike storage for a while. And it always comes down to just a little bit of room being needed. The combo lever \ inflator can be that little bit of extra space we have been looking for.


Obviously, a full review will tell us how it does on lightweight road wheels, plus the new tubeless wheels we have been getting in. But we already know what AeroGeeks test bike it will be finding a home in for testing purposes.


Wrapping Up

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign at Let us know if you end up backing and when your levers arrive. Until then stay tuned to for the latest updates.

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  1. I got my levers today. Looks ok but I note a few things. The second lever doesn’t nest with the first for packing. The promise that the air lever will allow inflation without touching the CO2 is false since the can needs to be rotated to moderate the airflow (I suppose you could let go after activation but it would be a split second window). Better to have a little sleeve that holds the 2 levers together and can be slipped over the can. I use a cut up inner tube section. Still, I like not having a loose inflator valve running around my saddle bag.

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