10-9-2016 WiR – The Kona Edition

Wow – a double repeat! Congrats to Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf on their huge wins yesterday! We don’t know about you, but we spent the day watching the stream and couldn’t get enough of the action. Coming out of T2 on the guys side you had multiple men hitting the run course at the same time. Kienle might have come close, but this was all Jan’s race, and in the end, he won with a time of 8:06:30. Kienle came in second at 8:10:02. And there was Patrick Lange who set a new run course record of 2:39:45, and then still had enough energy to jump around the finish line for a solid five minutes celebrating. Needless to say, everyone better be on the lookout for him next year.

But what got us most excited for the day was watching Rinny crush her way to second place on the run, and then realizing Ryf had actually run a faster run split (Rinnys 2:58:20 to Ryf’s 2:56:51). We think SlowTwitch said it best today; “Daniela Ryf mugged the competition in a course record performance.” Her latest course record of 8:46:46 just set the bar a bit higher for all women athletes looking to come after her.

This week we caught up with three new bikes (well two new bikes and one prototype) at Kona. BMC and Cervelo launched their new speed machines on the big island. And CUBE showed us a taste of things to come with Andreas Raelerts’ race day weapon.


Next week we will be finishing off our Interbike coverage with more news and details from the show floor as well as our final thoughts.

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AeroGeeks Shirts

If you follow us on social media, you may have caught a new-for-2016 Aerogeeks shirt design. We partnered with LoveThePain.com on the design and had a few samples printed up.


We happened to be wearing one when we got a chance to say hello to Tejay van Garderen at the show as well.

Another celebrity sighting - Tejay van Garderen

Another celebrity sighting – Tejay van Garderen

Let us know your thoughts and whether we should be offering them up for sale. Oh, and lest we forget, to celebrate Kona Love The Pain is offering 25% off their store today. Just use the code Kona2016 when checking out.

Kona Bike Count

Lavamagazine.com (and a few of their friends) was sitting at bike check-in Friday and released their annual bike count. You can check out the full details, but a few things stuck out to us. First was Cervelo absolutely dominating the bike count at 577 (an increase of almost 10% from last year), with the next closest competitor being Trek with 261. Of those 577, only 8 were P5Xs.


Once again, Zipp had the most wheels at 1,887, but that was about 100 less than the year prior. Like Cervelo, ISM dominated the saddle category with 734, almost doubling their nearest competitor, Fizik, with 373.


Although Rudy Project won the helmet category once again (thanks in no small part to very attractive offers for Kona athletes), they actually dropped by 89 helmets as compared to the year prior. It looks as though Giro was one of the main beneficiaries of that, as they moved from 369 to 438.

The Giro AeroHead Ultimate in its full TexTreme Carbon glory

The Giro AeroHead Ultimate in its full TexTreme Carbon glory

Be sure to head to Lavamagazine.com for the full details.

Quarq Qollector Now Available

For the past two years, pro Kona athletes have been able to make use of the Quarq Qollector for data tracking and sharing purposes. Qollector captures ANT+ data such as power, heart rate, gear selection, footpod stride rate, altitude, location and speed. QuarqNet captures the data and seamlessly synchronizes activities with analysis sites like Strava, TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan. Athletes get unfiltered, high-definition data and training log perfection. QuarqNet delivers live tracking and metrics through a mobile-friendly website.


Beginning on October 11, Qollector will be available to US residents through the Quarq website at www.quarq.com. The retail price is $349 (U.S.) and the first six months’ cellular service is free. After six months, cellular service is $99 (U.S.) per year. Qollector uses AT&T 3G technology and includes international roaming at no extra cost. Qollector will be available worldwide in 2017.

Impact-resistant and waterproof, Qollector has a 24-hour battery life – saving your phone for real emergencies. About the size of an energy bar and weighing just 115 grams, Qollector can be mounted on the frame, seatpost or stem. There is a dedicated race belt. It works in jersey pockets and triathlon suits too.


Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the Qollector and how it compares to just carrying your trusty iPhone and computer.

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