Interbike 2016 – Smith

Smith was our first stop of Interbike 2016, and to be honest, it helped us kick things off on a high note. Not only were there updates to one of our favorite pairs of sunglasses, but they surprised us with a brand new aero helmet.


ChromaPop for PivLock

ChromaPop is Smith’s latest lens technology. ChromaPop creates true colors and enhances clarity to let you live every moment in more detail. More detail means that not only do you have the advantage needed to perform confidently, but also brighter, truer, more vivid color for some serious clarity. Smith tells us that because lenses with ChromaPop allow you to see more detail, you end up with less eye fatigue.


Smith PivLock Arena

Instead of having to swap lenses, just one ChromaPop lens helps you experience enhanced definition and clarity across a greater range of conditions than with traditional lenses alone.


Smith PivLock Arena Max

Smith polycarbonate polarized lenses are optically tuned to give you visual comfort and impact protection, while also offering water resistance and 100% UV protection.


Smith PivLock Asana

For 2017 Smith is bringing ChromaPop to the PivLock Arena, PivLock Arena Max, and PivLock Asana frames.

Smith Podium

As regular watchers of UCI road races, we couldn’t help but notice that United Health Care had been using an aero road helmet with Smith on the side. For a while we had suspected it was a rebadged helmet, but we never were able to figure out just whose helmet it was. Turns out that there was good reason – and when we walked up to the Smith booth, we saw why.


The Smith Podium will be officially introduced in Q1 2017. And while they couldn’t yet give complete details, they did share a few. First off, the visor features the afore mentioned ChromaPop and is magnetically affixed to the helmet.


The Podium will also feature MIPS technology (one of only a few aero helmets to do so) to better protect your noggin. At the rear is the same honeycomb AEROCORE construction found with the OverTake.


More details to come in early 2017

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