Diamondback Andean – First Look

Sometimes you see something and your only reaction is … wow! Tonight we were cruising the interwebs and caught sight of Diamondbacks new Andean and our only reaction is our mouths hitting the floor. We don’t yet have the full details but this is what we do know.


The Andean is very much UCI illegal and triathlon specific. It includes storage locations for hydration, salt tabs, fuel, garbage, a tool kit with CO2 and multitool, and even room for your wallet.



As you can see from the images – the bike is built with disc brakes. And while the images show front derailleurs – it was designed to for 1X groups.



Andean will be available in multiple build options, with drivetrains, wheels, and components to choose from. Each Andean order is assembled in Diamondback’s exclusive in-house shop, Diamondback Studios. Prices will range from $6280 to $8600.


We will definitely share more details as we hear them but until then check out the video below for the Andean in action. And you can check out their white paper here.

8 responses to “Diamondback Andean – First Look

  1. That thing looks like it would handle weird with the tool kit that close to the ground. It is funny that they added a place specified for a wallet. Why would you want to bring that to a race?

  2. I’m surprised this is called a “White Paper” and not marketing material. There are pictures of the wind tunnel and testing, but doesn’t a white paper typically have yaw angle and drag information… i’m disappointed.

  3. I think it looks pretty bad *ss, definitely as the guy said in the video it’s a Moto GP inspired design. I agree theres a lot of room to push aerodynamics on tri bikes. For starters you could cover the chaining and chain inside an aerodynamic cover. I any event it’s nice to see companies pushing the envelope

  4. I do appreciate pushing the boundaries to accommodate triathletes and I do see a lot of great ideas here. I see two major drawbacks in the design. First, they designed the frame around one wheelset, so the potential of losing aero gains by swapping to a preferred set like Flo or Zipp. Second, this is a long course beast plain and simple. Most triathletes do not do long course so you are excluding a large market share.

    • Hi Jeff – While Flo doesnt make Disc wheels. Zipp now does (404, 808, Super9). However it would require those with existing wheel sets to purchase disc specific wheels. In some ways it’s like Apple and the removing of the headphone jack. For some its a brave new decision – for others it will be a huge pain in the a**.

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