8-28-2016 WiR

Sorry for the quiet week, everyone. Sometimes our training time gets the better of us. We promise next week will be much better. So make sure you stay tuned for the latest!

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SILCA SpeedBalance

10-20 grams may not seem like much, but mount that weight at the end of a rotating mass spinning at high speeds, and you may start to notice it. SILCA certainly has – specifically when it comes to deep aero wheels with long valve stems. SILCA SpeedBalance is the world’s first Aerodynamic Wheel Magnet and Tunable Balancing System.


Built as part of the SILCA Tubeless Collection, it was designed for performance oriented cyclists with carbon wheels. SpeedBalance is a rim-mounted aerodynamic magnet that SILCA tells us can save up to 1 watt at 30mph. Four tungsten slugs inside the SpeedBalance allow for custom wheel balancing to offset valve stem weight and create a perfectly balanced wheel. Perfectly balanced wheels improve handling, comfort, and confidence — particularly on high-speed descents.


The SpeedBalance kit comes with the balancing weight, 4 small tungsten slugs, 1 large tungsten slug, and Flexible adhesive top to fit any wheel and stay firmly attached. The kit is shipping today and is available for $36.

Hiplok AIRLOK – The First High-Security Bike Hanger

This week British bike security brand, Hiplok, launched a Kickstarter Campaign to bring the world’s first high-security bicycle storage hanger, AIRLOK, to market. Combining Gold-Rated security, effortless practicality and design elegance, AIRLOK is the designed to be the ultimate way to display and protect your bike at home, outside, or at your workplace.


Secure wall fixings, hardened steel framework and a secure lockable bolt combine to keep your bike safe while displayed on your wall. The addition of an impact-resistant outer casing further prevents access to the framework and fixings. AIRLOK’s unique triangular shape provides stable storage for multiple styles and sizes of bicycle while the fully rubberized mouth prevents frame scratch and further adds to stability. Available in a choice of colors, the combination of clean lines and quality materials make the AIRLOK the ultimate display option for your bike, while the inclusion of three coded replaceable keys maximizes practicality.


Those interested can still get the early bird special of £99 (about $129 USD) or roughly 25% off the planned MSRP of £130.

Bontrager Daytime Running Lights

Bontrager has unveiled a full range of lights designed to be used in daylight or, as the brand refers to them, Daytime Running Lights. The new line of lights includes the Bontrager Flare R, Ion 800, Flare R City, Ion 350, and Ion 100, and is designed to draw the attention of motorists and pedestrians more effectively than previous generations of lights. The new line of lights is the result of a long-term research collaboration with Clemson University—one of the country’s foremost research institutions in the field of visual perception and awareness—into the efficacy of cyclist’s efforts to enhance the likelihood that they will be noticed by motorists. As essential as a cyclist’s helmet, these lights are designed to be used on every ride.


“After cars installed running lights, accidents decreased by 25%. Motorcycle accidents decreased 13%. The data we’ve collected thus far has shown that using daytime running lights could reduce cycling-related accidents by 33%. And because 80% of cycling accidents occur during daylight hours, this category holds huge potential to create some really positive change,” said Bontrager Brand Manager Michael Browne.


Depending on the particular model, Bontrager’s new lights are visible in daylight from 400m to over 2 kilometers away.

Current Reviews

Cycliq Fly12

We had a close call on the road Saturday while riding with the Fly12. The car in front of us came up too fast on a peloton and braked hard just as we were changing lanes behind them. Luckily, we all ended up safe, but we were glad we had something on hand to capture the footage.

Scott Carbon Tri Shoes

For at least one of our editors, the tri season is actually closing (TT and 13.1 season is approaching). And with the close of his season, his time with the Scott Carbon Tri shoes is coming to an end as well. So what will his verdict be regarding BOA retention on a triathlon shoe? Stay tuned for the latest.


Mio Link

Not sure how many others out there hate chest heart rate monitors, but we know that at least two of our editors do. We have been spending time with the Mio Link – a wrist-based heartrate monitor—while on the bike and run. So far we find it hugely preferable to a chest-based monitor and have had almost no data drop outs.


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