TriRig Kappa and Beta – First Look

A few weeks ago an email arrived in the inboxes of all those who subscribe to TriRig’s updates teasing not one or two, but three new products. And those who follow the sport know that TriRig (well, really Nick, who owns TriRig) has been one of the leading innovators in the triathlon space over the past few years. So when we heard that there were three new products in the pipeline, we were stoked. And today we get to meet not one, but two of those new products. Meet Kappa and Beta.


The TriRig Kappa

Take a moment and think about the product you have the most of on your bike (obviously the answer is hex bolts and spokes). But then think about the product that you have had to purchase multiple times, and the answer for many of us is bottle cages. You easily have one up front for your BTA, maybe two in the triangle, and possibly another two on a rear carrier. Most of us aren’t riding around with five cages year-round. But during the summer months when we are going 100-plus miles, it’s not uncommon to see an AG test bike loaded up for the long haul. And historically the cage of choice at AeroGeeks HQ has been the XLAB Gorilla.


If you check out our hydration guide, we specifically call out the Gorilla as being our go-to choice for bottle carrying duties, which is where the Kappa comes in. The Kappa was designed to go toe to toe with the Gorilla and even offer a few new features. The Kappa is a full-wrap cage with no cutouts that is designed for superior grip strength. Constructed of 3K carbon, Nick tells us that the Kappa is the grippiest cage out there. Going so far as to design a test to see what would give first – the Gorilla or the Kappa. Nick tells us the Kappa was the clear victor.


The Kappa is designed with an open center channel for BTA duty to ensure there is room for a straw to poke through. Both bike and arrowhead bottles should have no issue with the Kappa.


The back of the Kappa features thru holes for those looking to zip tie it to the back of a saddle or upfront between your bars. No fancy mounts needed – just a pair of Zip ties should have you all set.


TriRig claims a weight of roughly 60g for the Kappa, and it will sell for $52.99 on starting today.

The TriRig Beta

The Beta is TriRig’s solution for those looking for the perfect rear hydration carrier (at least for those using a Ritchey 10mm thru-rail). Beta allows both single-bottle and double-bottle setups and will be available in 45-degree or 63-degree options.


TriRig designed the Beta to be both one of the lightest and easiest to adjust rear hydration carriers on the market. The final design is a two-piece design weighing in a 72g. The first piece being a 10 mm thru-rail that replaces your current thru-rail. The cage attachment then attaches to the thru-rail via two bolts. This design allows the cages to move both independently of and with the saddle. If you want to move the cages closer to or further from the saddle, simply loosen the two bolts and you are all set. If you want to move the saddle plus the cages, loosen the bolts on the thru-rail (that tighten against the seat post) and both will move as a single unit.


Like Kappa, Beta will be available today at a price of $68.99.


Our Thoughts

Let’s start with Kappa. It’s been a while since we have seen a cage that we believe is up there with the Gorilla. So we are extremely excited to give the Kappa a shot. We really like the additional thru holes for the Zip ties, a smart and simple way to add versatility to the cage. At $52.99 it certainly isn’t cheap ,but it’s right in line with what we would expect to pay for a full-carbon cage. Our only one wish is that he had gone with matte black carbon instead of gloss – but they tell us nothing is perfect.


Beta is definitely going to be of interest for those who have the requisite Ritchey clamp system. There are a few other options on the market, but the ability to so easily adjust the cage’s horizontal relationship with the saddle is awesome (Profile Design offers a really simple angle adjustment, but not such easy horizontal adjustment). Our only knock against the Beta is that while there are two versions offered, there are going to be those where the angles just aren’t what they are looking for. But angle adjustability would have for sure come with a weight or complexity penalty.


Wrapping Up

We should be getting Kappa and Beta in the not too distant future, so make sure to keep an eye out in our WiRs for your first glimpse of the finished product. After that, we will put both through their paces and see just how strong those Kappa’s really are (we may be the only cyclist out there actually trying to eject a bottle). Oh, and according to TriRig’s teaser, we should be seeing his final new product in September. So stay tuned for our First Look at Omni – a product that TriRig says will absolutely blow us away.

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  1. If they are grippier than the Gorilla XTs that could be a problem. Never had a problem with launching on the XTs and getting a bottle in takes some effort. It is possible to be too grippy.

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