8-7-2016 WiR

The Olympics are in full swing, and our TVs are permanently tuned in. Congratulations to Anna van der Breggen and Greg Van Avermaet for winning the women’s and men’s road races this weekend. For those looking for their favorite TT bikes in action, you will be able to catch the women’s and men’s ITT on Wednesday. The triathlon events start next week (the men’s on Thursday the 18th and women’s the 20th).


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Recent Articles

Tuesday – Silca T-Ratchet and TI-Torque – First Look

Wednesday – The Catlike Rapid TRI – Review

Catlike Dresses Up for the Olympics

To make sure Catlike athletes could represent their countries, they have created a series of custom country specific helmets.


We love how they have used the aero vents on the Cloud 352 to show off the country flags.


Current Reviews

XLAB Versa

The XLAB Versa has been a faithful companion for both training and in transition. Stay tuned for our final review this week.


Bontrager Aeolus 9 TLR D3

We are wrapping up our time with the Aeolus 9s. Tubeless tires on a tri bike? Yeah, it worked for us.


Garmin Varia Vision

We really enjoy riding with the Varia Vision. No more moving our head to check out our metrics. Everything is there in easy view with a simply flick our eyes to the right.


Cycliq Fly 12

The Fly12 is now a regular partner on our training rides. We mounted it with the included ¼ turn to Go Pro mount, which makes getting it mounted a breeze. [Update: Turns out that while the computer mount looks like a Garmin 1/4 turn mount is is actually not. Cycliq tells us using it will produce horrible video and in worst cases break.] We have been able to easily grab our video and export the best clips with the companion iOS app.


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