Crio Water Bottle – First Look

It’s a little hard to get overly excited for a new water bottle. But when you think about how often you use your bottles, you realize that if someone were to create a truly innovative bottle, it would be pretty exciting. That’s why we are curious to see what Crio is cooking up – a bottle that they say will be 30-33% more effective at keeping your liquids cool than the products currently on the market.

CRIO Bottle_Blue_Circles

The Crio Water Bottle

The key to the new bottle is a material called Cryogel – a lightweight chemical structure, allowing for a significant reduction in thickness, whilst providing maximum thermal protection and minimizing water vapor permeability.

Crio front

“The idea came to me as an amateur cyclist, when riding on some of Adelaide’s extremely hot days, your chilled liquids are hot within a short distance into your ride… there had to be a better solution,” says inventor Rohan Burdett.

CRIO_Disegno2_4 cols_LR

Planned MSRP will be between $39.95 – $44.95 Australian Dollars and will be available with plenty of colors and designs to choose from.

Wrapping Up

A water bottle that keeps our drinks cooler for longer – sounds pretty good to us! Crio is launching the bottle on Kickstarter. We are looking forward to getting a few production samples when the Kickstarter campaign is funded. Once we get them, keep an eye out for a review that will include a few temperature comparisons against some of our favorite insulated bottles. Until then, make sure to keep an eye on for the latest news from Crio and our first images once the bottles arrive in our mail room.

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